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  • Is there any satisfaction in having success against the honest?

  • You're now 16 and five.

  • Your teams were 16 and five in your career against him, and he's 10 years younger than you.

  • And he's the back to back M v P.

  • Yet you know you're stable to find success.

  • No, e.

  • I think you know me.

  • I think all you guys know me has never been about individual.

  • Um, you know, it's all about the team's success, and that's all that matters is that I could care less about that.

  • I just try to play well and have our team wins verse any opponent on dime.

  • That's what it's all about.

  • Even I you're buying it.

  • What kind of messages LeBron trying to send last night?

  • Hell, no, I'm not buying that.

  • I'm not buying that.

  • And I think that LeBron stood in front of the cameras last night and lied to the American public and anybody else who was listening.

  • But I'm not knocking him for it.

  • But I think that listen, lebron wouldn't be a great is.

  • He is if all he thought about was the outcome for the team.

  • Yeah, there, especially in the sport of basketball.

  • There is some individual pride that seeps into the equation where you put dudes on notice.

  • This is who the hell I am.

  • Don't forget you understand when LeBron sits up there and goes in for a layup and gets an and one and flexes his muscle.

  • Is that about the team?

  • When he sits up there and dunks on somebody and screams at the crowd, Is that about the team when he sits up there and throws and drills the three and puts up three fingers or turns around?

  • And yeah, maybe when he turned around and turned his back to the shot because he wanted to bet with demonstrators.

  • Maybe that was about the team, because you having fun.

  • But what I'm saying is nobody's accusing him of caring about his individual accolades Mawr than the team.

  • No, he's proven that he's unselfish on that level, and he deserves our respect and difference in that regard.

  • But also, when you 36 years of age, you still averaging 24 7 and seven, you still a ball of y'all, the number one seed, y'all, a reigning defending champions.

  • You all are prohibitive favorites to win the chip Everybody's looking at Brooklyn and wondering whether it's Brooklyn or Philly or Milwaukee.

  • Who's gonna be able to challenge you?

  • Is co wired Paul George gonna be able to step up and challenge you and stuff like that?

  • Yes, it's about the team, but it's also about you as an individual.

  • So when he says, I never think about me, I'm only thinking about the team.

  • That's a damn lie.

  • There's no way you can be a great as him, and you never have that intestinal fortitude and that individual pride to put your greatness on this.

  • But you don't spend a million and a half dollars on your physique, your body, your conditioning and everything that comes with it to be a zgray tas.

  • You could be just for the team Thio win a championship.

  • No, you wanna be the reason.

  • So our primary reason why you win that championship and I think that individual pride is incredibly admirable.

  • Not only do I respected, I revere it, and I look at guys like him.

  • It could be anything.

  • It could be you on the elliptical bro.

  • It could be me on the pellet on the treadmill.

  • It could be you anywhere, Whatever.

  • When you see these guys and you and you hear what they go through in order to be in peak condition and then you in that Jimmy, you sweating and all of that, You're like, Damn, how do they do it?

  • Your sense and it makes you marvel at them.

  • Even Mawr.

  • So he's lying, but I ain't knocking them for it.

  • It's the right thing to say, and he always knows what right things to say and what right and what wrong things to avoid saying.

  • But that's what it is.

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Is there any satisfaction in having success against the honest?

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