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  • It's so hard for all of us to do anything fun during this quarantine.

  • My family and I, we had this idea which is would take a road trip and literally just stay in our car as much as possible.

  • And I know that you did something kind of like that.

  • You and your husband got it in RV.

  • Is that right?

  • Yeah, we had the same thought and and that was the way that we I mean, we actually traveled, you mentioned dearly departed.

  • We were traveling from New York to L.

  • A to shoot yearly departed and wanted to figure out how to do that as safely as possible and to arrive in in one piece.

  • But yes, we had the same thought.

  • You took a picture.

  • It's also posted.

  • I think this is your husband in the RV.

  • Chilling out looks like I looks like he's having his breakfast.

  • And then, for some reason, there's a cardboard cutout of you behind him in the RV.

  • What's what's all that about?

  • Yeah, so we we wrap dearly, departed some of our producing partners on the project, a company called Done and Dusted.

  • They produced the Emmys, and if you remember the Emmys?

  • The audience was filled with cardboard cutouts.

  • My wrap gift was my cardboard cut out swiftly defaced with all kinds of you know, PP and other things that I will leave for the imagination on De.

  • So we you know, what does one do with a cardboard cutout of yourself is that I can't throw it out.

  • That feels wrong.

  • And so we we brought her with us and and she haunted us in the RV and our dreams.

  • And now she's still here in my apartment.

  • Yeah, it's weird.

  • I mean, first of all, you ask, what does one do with a cardboard cut out of yourself?

  • I know the answer to that question.

  • I've been having the made for years, and I just love I just love hugging myself.

  • I've had a cardboard cutout of myself, and I've thoroughly enjoyed it in every possible way because I'm a narcissist.

  • But you guys look like you're having fun with it because you've been taking these pictures.

  • I don't know if this is you or your husband around the house, but I really love the ones where, like, this is you, I guess leaning in with your dog?

  • Yeah, or a dog.

  • Unless he's a cardboard cut up to proper PPE usage, I have to point out, Yes, that's nice.

  • That's Winston.

  • He's confused.

  • You've got one here, that of just you.

  • It looks like just with bottles of alcohol.

  • Just chilling.

  • Yeah, And then my favorite, though I like any peaking photo this to me, that's the best use of a cardboard cutout.

  • There's nothing better than it in the background just peeking out to me.

  • I don't know.

  • To me, that's the finest use of any cardboard cutout is just peering out a little bit.

  • I really screwed up not placing her back here for this for this interview.

  • Yeah, I think you know, we've reached the point in in Lock Down Life where we've been together for many, many months.

  • We were getting our kicks from from hiding the cardboard cut out of me around the house and trying to scare it.

  • It works.

  • It's frank.

  • You know you should do is just have it looking out the window, because people burglars will always think you're a home.

  • So that's not a bad idea.

  • That's an excellent idea.

  • It's also a great way to let everyone know where I live.

  • Yeah, I did as I was saying it, I remembered.

  • Oh, right.

  • She's really famous.

  • That's a bad idea I know about really famous like No, no.

  • No way.

  • No, trust me.

  • Trust me.

  • You've You've achieved a certain level of fame.

  • Where?

  • Where It's not a deterrent toe.

  • Have ah, cardboard cut out of you peering out if you're in New York apartment s Oh, yeah, I think we're like, I mean, what do I can't ask you?

  • Because you you love your cardboard cutouts.

  • I think I think she's She's overstayed her welcome.

  • But I have.

  • I'm struggling with the idea of, like, cutting her into small pieces and putting her in a garbage bag.

  • Yeah, that that sounds creepy and wrong, And I would say, Send her to me.

  • But that's again the wrong message.

  • My wife would ask End wronger.

It's so hard for all of us to do anything fun during this quarantine.

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Rachel Brosnahan Is Being Haunted By Her Cardboard Cutout - CONAN on TBS

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