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  • What is the Buccaneers offensive identity?

  • Is it Bruce Arians?

  • Is it Tom Brady?

  • How have they changed everything in these last five?

  • I think credit goes to Bruce Arians.

  • And why?

  • Because of the magical play calling?

  • No, because he got out of his own way.

  • He turned it over.

  • Since the bye week.

  • This looks like a completely different offense.

  • Quite honestly, it looks like Tom Brady offense, and him and Byron Leftwich are doing it.

  • And to me, this is crazy.

  • You know, when I look at it, 35 rushing attempts in this game, if you combine the 22 games before when Bruce Arians is calling it 31 rushing attempts.

  • So Tom Brady understands it.

  • He's all about Hey, the moment of the game.

  • Defense's was playing great.

  • We got to run the football, and that's what he did.

  • Tom Brady is all about winning, period, and he got it done.

  • Hey, most certainly is.

  • I mean, Ryan Clark.

  • How do we put into perspective the winning that Tom Brady is all about?

  • Tom Brady is the greatest organization in football.

  • Yeah, he's the goat.

  • He's the greatest player of all times.

  • But if Tom Brady was an organization.

  • We would sit here right now and talk about how great they drafted.

  • We would talk about the lineage of winners that they have all of the Hall of Famers that they have.

  • If you were an organization and say You were like the the All American Tom's right and you've been the 14 conference championships, you have been to nine Super Bowls and you've won six of them.

  • Right now, your fan base would be like the Pittsburgh Steelers fan base was when they had won six.

  • They would always go to that.

  • Always go to their winning, always go to their consistency.

  • That's who Tom Brady is, and now he goes from the A F C, where he's dominated for two decades and he comes to Tampa Bay and we immediately put all of these lofty goals on this team and all these expectations and all he's done the entire years, fix every problem and exceed what we thought he could be.

  • And when we watched two quarterbacks yesterday who really looked like it was 85 years of quarterbacking on that field, one of those guys can still throw it one of those guys can still play.

  • And that guy is Tom Brady.

  • And that's why the Tampa Bay Buccaneers are in the NFC championship next week, for sure, and he deserves all the credit in the world that will give it to him.

  • But I can't believe I have to come to the quarterback Dan Orlovsky, to talk about the defense, because at the end of the day, it was Tampa's defense.

  • That one them this game?

  • Absolutely.

  • And it was Todd Bowles who was the difference maker.

  • You know, this defense for Tampa Bay got up at the line of scrimmage and said, You know what?

  • We're not gonna allow you to dink and dunk this football down the field and we're gonna play physical at the line of scrimmage, not with just the offensive line, but with the receivers on the outside.

  • And we're gonna go.

  • Here you go.

  • New Orleans, your will dare you to throw the football down the field.

  • We will dare you to put the ball over our heads for 60 minutes and win this football game doing it, and they were unable to do that.

  • No one should be surprised by the way that Tampa Bay's defense played yesterday.

  • Listen over two thirds of the snaps they played on defense yesterday, they play man coverage.

  • I remember saying all week leading to this game.

  • Do not play zone against Drew because they'll pick you apart and they didn't so credit to Todd Bowles for going.

  • We are going to play physical, challenging football and dare New Orleans to do something they haven't done all year.

  • Throw the ball downfield Successfully Credit that defense.

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What is the Buccaneers offensive identity?

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