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  • schools across the U.

  • S.

  • Air, trying to find new ways to protect students who are training outside.

  • Some are turning to something called the wet bulb globe temperature.

  • It goes beyond the heat index, taking into account sun angle, cloud cover and wind speed.

  • Traditionally, people often use the heat index.

  • This is fine for normal everyday activities such as gardening or taking kids to a park, because most of those activities don't involve intense exercise.

  • One thing we try to do is be proactive, especially the best centuries other kids and just making sure that we're putting their safety, you know, first and everything that we do.

  • So we always get with the trainers and we come up with a plan.

  • Some schools and organizations air switching to a method of measurement used by the military for decades to help prevent heat related illnesses.

  • It's called wet bulb globe temperature.

  • Using a wet bulb globe temperature device can help coaches and parents better determine things like when to have hydration breaks, length of practices or playtime and rest ratios.

  • But once it gets to 92 that's when we say they can't practice outdoors.

  • Before that, they could do things like modify what they're wearing.

  • They could do shells, which would be without the past.

  • There was still wear the helmets, but once we get to a point, where is that high?

  • We just call it, all right, Alison.

  • Clearly, this guy is hot.

  • He's overheating.

  • But it's not just the temperature making him sweat like this, right?

  • So coy in normal environmental conditions, when you sweat, that sweat evaporates off your body like it's doing to this gentleman here that effectively cools your skin off.

  • But in ah, high humidity environment that sweat cannot evaporate properly.

  • Because of that, it means that that sweat stays on your skin, making it feel as though you're wearing an extra layer of clothes.

  • No one wants to wear a sweater.

  • Playing sports in the summer essentially is what you're saying.

  • So humidity.

  • Very important.

  • What other elements do we need to consider?

  • Right?

  • So Heat index is very important, measures temperature as well as the humidity, But there's other things to factor.

  • Quite.

  • When was the last time you ever saw an entire practice done in the shade?

  • I don't think that happens.

  • Never so that's just that wet bulb Globe temperature also takes into account the sun angle, cloud cover and wind speed, which is why this method is much better at monitoring student at much more detail.

  • So what can you do to help prevent heatstroke and other heat related illnesses, The CDC says you can wear loose fitting lightweight clothing, stay hydrated, protects against sunburn with SPF and take it easy during the hottest parts of the day.

  • It's also important to know the signs of heat stroke.

  • They include high body temperature.

  • Ah, very fast, strong pulse.

  • You will often get very intense headaches, dizziness, nausea, confusion and you can even lose consciousness.

schools across the U.

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What Is Wet Bulb Globe Temperature?

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