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  • March 8 March 8th is when everything is going toe open up again.

  • That is when locked down will end well.

  • That is the wish of Mr Steve Baker.

  • And he is a senior Tory MP and one of the chairman of the Cove in Recovery Group.

  • And he has asked for March 8th to be the end toe lock down.

  • And he has said, Quote, it's not sustainable toe leave the public and British businesses toe languish any longer, and he went on to say that if you lock down the country based on a forecast, then why can't you open up the country based on a forecast?

  • And this is a great question that I'm so happy that senior members of the Conservative Party are asking because that's the truth for a business toe.

  • Hire employees for a business to spend money on the future.

  • They have to know what the future is.

  • And right now the government is doing the worst possible thing for business, and that is uncertainty for any entrepreneur you can ask me or anyone out there.

  • Uncertainty is the bane of anyone trying to deploy capital and deploy workers, and that's what we need to give right now to this country, to the city of London, some type of certainty on what the future is.

  • And the last thing he said, which I thought was quite fascinating, is, he said, quote.

  • It's crucial.

  • Our response is propose portion it and he must have been watching London real because I've been talking about a proportionate response to the virus for the past six months until you're probably tired of me saying it.

  • But it's something I've been asking for.

  • Those are the three things I've been asking for.

  • First of all, we need some real leadership.

  • Second of all, we need science based solutions, and the last thing we need is a proportionate response to the virus.

  • And it's so nice to hear senior members of the Conservative Party to finally fall in line with what I've been saying.

  • That is this.

  • It's time to stop the lock down.

  • It's time to stop shutting everybody up in their homes when the truth is, there are healthy people that can get out there and safely work.

  • We are asking you Boris Johnson for a date.

  • Give us a date.

  • Your uncertainty is quite literally killing us.

  • I did a whole video this morning about our younger generation and their mental health.

  • 50% of the younger generation report worst mental health Because of the pandemic, 56% of them are very uncertain about their future and have anxiety on a regular basis.

  • This is all because of the lack of certainty coming from our Prime Minister.

  • And the mayor of London is complicity in everything.

  • He has no solutions.

  • He has no innovations.

  • All he has his fear, which he uses as a weapon lock down, is his only tool.

  • And of course, he's gonna ask one second, please.

  • He's gonna ask for billions more from the government when that doesn't come through.

  • And that's part of the agenda.

  • And I want to hear your comments.

  • Bolos, please let me know.

  • Do you think March 8 is the date that we stop locked down?

  • Do you think it needs to happen?

  • Do you think we need a new direction?

  • Do you think we need new ideas?

  • I think we dio give us a date.

March 8 March 8th is when everything is going toe open up again.

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