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  • checked into another hotel, and it's time it's in San Antonio.

  • And it's another Drewry in which I stayed at one in Baton Rouge.

  • My stop prior to this place was just in Louisiana on, and it was about a seven hour drive to San Antonio.

  • So I made a stopover here with Miss Kuma.

  • Of course, she's right there.

  • This is my first time staying injury in sweets, and the first one was like, Okay, it was like average.

  • I would say this one actually is a bit more.

  • It's a bit more of an upgrade from the Baton Rouge.

  • One.

  • It just looks a little bit more modern, and it's a lot bigger.

  • Plus, they have a parking garage.

  • I do love the room.

  • It's very spacious again.

  • Anytime Kuma loves it.

  • I love it.

  • And we've ran back and forth in the room several times already with their toys.

  • So that's always fun.

  • But yeah, so I'm just gonna give you a quick tour.

  • I'm on the ninth floor.

  • I'm in room 932 on board.

  • The view is the interstate, because we're right off the interstate.

  • Its's pretty hectic around here, I would say, but looks like there's a papa do seafood restaurant over there.

  • So over here is a working desk, the mirror up top and then two queen size beds.

  • I always like getting two queen size beds, even though I'm by myself, because the ladies like to use the extra bed to put my luggage on to get all my clothes out.

  • A little accent chair.

  • Who am I gonna his accent here today look like it.

  • So over here by the beds, are that's one outlet that I'm using.

  • And then two more outlets and two USB ports actually actually have.

  • Oh, they have, Ah, two outlets and to US reports for each side of the bed.

  • So that's nice.

  • Candy would love that.

  • Over here is a TV, and like the last jury in hotel, they seal the remote control, which I really like to let you know that's clean and disinfected.

  • On Here are yours, and on this side is a microwave and refrigerator.

  • It's so nice when hotels provided microwaves.

  • But a fridge is the biggest thing for me because I like Thio keep my drinks cold like I know.

  • Mhm.

  • Okay.

  • And then they got digital a C system a full length mirror.

  • This is the hallway area.

  • Now, when you enter the room, over here is a closet, which I'm utilizing a lot today.

  • Storing all my stuff, getting stuff ready for tonight and tomorrow.

  • Put my blockage in there on this bathroom is actually huge.

  • Especially compared.

  • Toa last jury and I stayed at in Baton Rouge.

  • Um, this one has feel like this mirrors larger.

  • Everything just is a lot bigger.

  • And I feel like the decoration is a little bit more of an upgraded, like the black granite.

  • They're using the same set up.

  • You know, they have the three dispensers here with body wash, shampoo and conditioner.

  • Same showerhead as the lost during and I stayed at, um nice big tub.

  • There's the toilet on.

  • Yeah, no toiletries.

  • Like the last hotel.

  • But that's fine on.

  • Then you get a little note.

  • This is from Fraser Blessings things.

  • Room has been clean and disinfected, so yeah, I'm on the ninth floor, and as I was growing up, I saw that there was ah little terrace out to I'm not sure if it's open or not what they do out there, but, um it looked pretty nice.

  • And they also do the same thing here as they did in the Baton Rouge.

  • Very.

  • And was served dinner snacks and nighttime dreams or cocktails.

  • Um, from 5.

  • 30 to 7 so you can get three drinks for free.

  • That's crazy.

  • I'm used to, like, one complimentary drink, but three.

  • I mean, that's pretty generous, so make sure you take advantage of that.

  • The dinner I didn't enjoy last night, a jury in Baton Rouge.

  • I'm sure like the menu changes all the time, but I'm going out to meet friends tonight anyway, for dinner.

  • So not going to be doing that, But yeah, I would definitely take advantage of of it if you could.

  • I think this hotel room is really nice.

  • I like the best.

  • The size of it, Like the abuse.

  • Okay, large bathroom is awesome.

  • Eso yeah, I better get going because I got to go meet my friends.

  • But if you like this video, please give it a thumbs up.

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checked into another hotel, and it's time it's in San Antonio.

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