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  • I think Josh Allen is more valuable to his team, and I know that's kind of I know That's crazy for a lot of people to say, considering Patrick Mahomes brilliance over his young career.

  • But when you look at Josh Allen and what he's been able to do with the Buffalo Bills, um, you know his his, um, you know, his ability uses legs.

  • You know, whether it's inside or outside the pocket, the improvements that he's made with with his accuracy off the football, particularly downfield.

  • And when you look at the Buffalo Bills on offense, this is the team that really doesn't have balance.

  • They don't really try to run the ball, and we've seen that in the playoffs.

  • Um, you know, this week we're Buffalo.

  • I mean, last week were Buffalo basis, abandoned the past and said, You know what?

  • We're just gonna put it all on that young quarterback.

  • We're gonna sling it all over the field, and and so you know, when you look at the cancer, the Chiefs, obviously no one can take away the greatness of Patrick Mahomes.

  • There's no question about that, but I also look at the pieces that the cancer.

  • The chiefs of having whether it's, you know, Travis, Kelsey and Tyree kill Nicole Hartman.

  • You know, class ever the layer.

  • They have so many weapons and so many matchup issues that even if you take Patrick Mahomes out of it, and that's a that's a big piece of this.

  • But I think if you get, you know, functioning quarterback, you'll still be able.

  • Thio, you know, score a lot of points because of the brings of Andy Reid as a play caller.

  • But Josh Allen just, you know, his ability to make up for the lack of a running game with his leg and his play play making ability.

  • You take that away from the Buffalo Bills offense.

  • I think that offense turns into something totally different on the field.

  • Yeah, I think you're You're right about that.

  • They really need his running ability, and they're gonna need that this weekend.

  • They need toe lean in on those design runs, so Josh Allen is incredibly valuable to that team.

  • But I still think the answer is Patrick Mahomes.

  • Like I just They both became full time starters in 2018, and Patrick Mahomes took that offense.

  • That was led by Alex Smith Smith the year of prior and since then.

  • Or at that point they were, I think, fourth in the league for offense, which is incredible.

  • But since then, all the years since then they are number one.

  • You do the same thing for Josh Allen, and they are 22 in the league.

  • Is offense like what he's done this year is not what he's done his whole time there.

  • Which suggests to me that the addition that they made that is hugely valuable, and I I won't say that.

  • It's underappreciated because we're talking about it.

  • But Stefon Diggs is the rial edition there that we have to appreciate.

  • That's really helped Josh Allen.

  • I understand he's done a lot of work on his offseason addressing his mechanics and all that and becoming more accurate.

  • But having stepped on days, it's really help.

  • And I know you would say that Patrick Mahomes has had that all the time with Kelsey and uh, obviously with Hill and those guys and Hartman, that's true, but with that, they are the best in the league and they've won a Super Bowl and lost in the NFC championship game because somebody jumped offside.

  • So it's hard to really figure out which one of them is more valuable, but I think you're right and that Josh Allen means a lot to that team.

  • But being the best offense in the league is a little different than being the 22nd best offense in the league, which is what the Bills have been with Josh Allen this past season.

  • They've been in the top five, but if you put together what he's meant to that team over the whole time, their 22nd by EPA by efficiency.

  • So I still think that even given the fact that that Holmes has the benefit of having all that talent around him, he's still more valuable to that team.

  • That might be ableto win without him on occasion, but they're not Super Bowl contenders without him.

  • Not that the Bills would be without Josh Allen, but I think the difference between the Bills and Josh Allen is smaller.

  • I mean, I think it's statistically proven out by by EPA.

  • The difference of the Bills without Josh Allen is smaller than the difference between, uh, the Chiefs without patching my home.

  • Now, it's very different if you talk about before and after Stefon Diggs, so he might be the real M v P candidate down there.

  • We're up there.

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I think Josh Allen is more valuable to his team, and I know that's kind of I know That's crazy for a lot of people to say, considering Patrick Mahomes brilliance over his young career.

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Is Josh Allen or Patrick Mahomes more valuable to his team? | First Take

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    林宜悉 posted on 2021/01/20
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