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  • For those trying to see Ugandan opposition leader Bobby Wine, this appears to be as close as you can get.

  • Soldiers have surrounded his compound since an election on Thursday.

  • Instructions.

  • They're supposed to meet anyone.

  • Incumbent president.

  • Your aroma, 70 was declared the votes winner.

  • Wine says it was a victory achieved through fraud.

  • His national unity platform now wants to take their allegations to the Supreme Court.

  • But speaking to Reuters by telephone on Monday, Wine said the party's offices have been raided.

  • A staff were preparing the legal challenge just another hour ago that our party has been rated.

  • That ministry has been called off, so I have not had e.

  • I am aware that everybody is being pursued everybody.

  • Police spokesman Patrick Onyango said the office had been cordoned off for security reasons, but gave no further details.

  • 71 of Africa's longest ruling leaders has dismissed allegations of fraud and said the election may turn out to be the most cheating free in Uganda's history.

  • The United States and Britain have called for investigations into reports of fraud and other issues, and N.

  • U P spokesperson Jolson Yanni said security forces air trying to cripple the court challenge.

  • He arrived at Wines home on Monday with a team of lawyers.

  • His home is a private home.

  • It's not a detention facility, so anyhow way we're going to try and access him, get to meet with him.

  • We have come with his lawyers because it's important that he gets to give his lawyers instructions on what to do next, how we get to move, how we handle all these matters going forward, The lawyer said.

  • They were not granted access inside the compound wine birth named Robert She Gilani says he and his wife are under house arrest that the military has taken control.

  • He accuses soldiers of assaulting his wife and says they are running low on food supplies.

  • It is not required running against um Theo.

  • Military says it's surrounded winds home to assess potential threats on for his own safety.

For those trying to see Ugandan opposition leader Bobby Wine, this appears to be as close as you can get.

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Uganda's Bobi Wine says troops raided party offices – News

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    林宜悉 posted on 2021/01/20
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