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  • we have now to the Black Sea and to a sprawling palace complex with its own amphitheater, a tea house and a hell a pad who owns it.

  • While Kremlin critic Alexei Navalny has released a two hour video investigation into the complex, saying the palace was built for Russian President Vladimir Putin using taxpayer money, the Kremlin has denied those allegations.

  • The video was posted by Navalny's team two days after he was jailed upon returning to Russia.

  • They're calling it the new Versailles in the two hour video of only Explains how his anti corruption foundation have been able to film the property from above for the first time.

  • Using a drone, he says.

  • There's nothing like it anywhere in the country without exaggeration.

  • It is the most secretive and guarded facility in Russia.

  • It isn't a country house or a residence.

  • It's an entire city or other a kingdom it has impregnable.

  • Fence is its own Harbor Guards church, its own checkpoint, no fry zone and even its own border point.

  • It is a separate state inside Russia.

  • Details of the palace were leaked by construction workers said to be shocked at its opulence among its many features.

  • This green mound is reported to house an underground ice hockey rink.

  • Thistles an amphitheater.

  • Navalny points out the exit of the tunnel used by Putin.

  • Toe access.

  • The beach hey also emphasizes not just the size of the palace, but also the vastness of the area it occupies, which is 3.5 times the size of the nearest city.

  • Three.

  • Kremlin rejects all the claims, calling them nonsensical thes are groundless allegations, their nonsense and a compilation of fabrications on nothing else.

  • That's the principle goal of such documents.

  • Such pseudo investigations.

  • It's a scam.

  • We want all the people taking into account the big number off views.

  • But but But Navalny insists that not only does this property belonged to Putin, but that it was financed through corruption on the misuse of public funds, calling it the biggest bribe in history, for which the Russian president must be held to account.

  • Our correspondent, Yuri Rossetto, was standing by for us in Moscow.

  • Hi, Yuri.

  • What about the timing of this?

  • Why did Alexei Navalny decided to release this film now?

  • Well, assuming a bond explains right at the beginning off the video, why he's only coming out with this now, he says he didn't want to be accused off taking a shot at Putin from abroad, where he was safe.

  • The politician clearly wants to go on the offensive.

  • He wants to show that he is not afraid of anything.

  • He already showed that by coming back to Russia, of course, he didn't know for sure he would be arrested.

  • But it did seem likely.

  • He has been accused in the past to me by the Kremlin off being an instrument off the Western secret services which has always denied by releasing this video while he is in a Russian prison.

  • Now he's presenting himself as a Russian politician with no plans of leaving the country, someone who is prepared to go through thick and thin with people here.

  • We saw in the report that the Kremlin says this is an old record.

  • Tell us more about the reactions from authorities.

  • While the official reactions are, of course no surprise, you mentioned the press secretary off Vladimir Putin, Mitra Peskov said.

  • It's an off a blade record, something that Navalny has been saying over and over again.

  • The head off the Duma, the Russian parliament, Viacheslav followed in, insisted Navalny is being used as a tool by the Western secret services and the U.

  • S State Department.

  • All that Navalny does, you said, is backed by foreign states, and Russia's task would be to prevent such foreign interference.

  • As for people's reactions here, the Navalny investigation is that the top video on Russian YouTube, it has gotten nearly 20 million views since it was published last night on.

  • But it's a hot topic on social media, of course, as well.

  • The Navalny people have even created a filter on instagram with which you can use.

  • Or you can see yourself in a three D model in the rooms off the palace and take us healthy.

  • So it's getting a lot of attention.

  • What impact do you think this is going to actually have for the Kremlin?

  • Well, that may sound very strange to Western ears, but the answer is nothing.

  • No impact.

  • Probably a Western politician would resign immediately.

  • In any case, it would be a political earthquake, but not here.

  • So we're not in Russia.

  • We have to keep in mind that although it's the most spectacular video by navalny or off Navalny so far.

  • It's not the first mind.

  • One thing.

  • This is a typical video for Navalny.

  • In 2017, he published a similar investigation about then Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev, which prompted protests here in the country.

  • But it didn't change anything.

  • Everyone here already knew that Putin was.

  • Rachel is rich on, despite social media discussions right now.

  • State backed media media will of course not accused Putin, but rather present Navalny as someone who has betrayed his country and once toe weaken Russia.

  • Your era shadow reporting for us in Moscow.

  • Thank you.

we have now to the Black Sea and to a sprawling palace complex with its own amphitheater, a tea house and a hell a pad who owns it.

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