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  • the Rams.

  • Everything's on the table.

  • So McVeigh is gonna have to hire a new defensive coordinator.

  • The Chargers hired Brandon Staley to be their next head coach.

  • He was this past season, the Rams D.

  • C.

  • Okay, so Saturday it's He's our quarterback right now.

  • 24 hours later, everything's on the table.

  • What do we make of this?

  • I think everything was always on the table.

  • He's our quarterback for right now, this game that we're gonna ready to play.

  • He's our quarterback, but it's always been on the table.

  • These conversations we're going on throughout the course of the season, I'm sure in private settings between less need, it's well as Sean McVeigh and whoever else gets involved in making up that roster.

  • Because I'm assuming that most of the guaranteed money on Jared Golfs extension has probably been absorbed by now.

  • So there's some flexibility and leeway to get out of it at this point in time, if they choose to do so, or maybe they want to light a fire underneath them.

  • I mean, it's amazing to see that the guy just lead a team to a Super Bowl two years ago and then all of a sudden now he may be possibly being looked at as at being replaced.

  • Now, I don't know if that's gonna happen.

  • Shawn's gotta look at everything along with less need throughout the offseason to see what's available to them not only at the quarterback position, but other positions that they need to take a look at.

  • You know when when I look at Jared golf, I see a guy that your you said this multiple times we've been talking about this whole year.

  • You're waiting for him to take that next a leap to be somewhat of a superstar.

  • And granted, I give him a lot of credit for coming back off that thumb surgery.

  • Um, did he play a phenomenal game?

  • No, I think you know, if John Wall for doesn't get hurt, he's probably in that scenario.

  • Shaman may kind of made that apparent before he got injured and he was taken out of the game.

  • But it's still precarious situation.

  • I think you just you let the let the quarterback go out next year.

  • You make it open competition to a degree and say if you wanted to take it well so it balls down as I always say, It's gonna ball down to the money.

  • I don't care if it's Carson went to Jalen Hurts.

  • I don't care if it's John Walford and or Jared golf.

  • What are the numbers?

  • What?

  • What does the numbers look like in terms of guaranteed money?

  • Jared golf is more than capable of being an NFL quarterback.

  • He's not a bum, but he hasn't giving you the next step.

  • And when you look at the playoff situation against Green Bay, he was overmatched going up against Aaron Rodgers.

  • If there's a dual their quarterback versus quarterback, he was way over Matt.

  • Zubin.

  • It just yeah, he wasn't gonna be able to duplicate with an Rogers, No matter any day.

  • Let me just ask you both this question because you guys have both, obviously played with the threshold of pain into Keys point.

  • The golf extension was for four years, $134 million at the time.

  • It actually did make him the highest paid quarterback in the NFL, but his Kiah said, Whoever is up next, we'll just take that mantle.

  • But four years, 1 34 the only thing I wanna question here and you know, you guys could take us inside the mind of a pro athlete.

  • I mean, he was out there to your point, played in the Super Bowl and then had to play in this postseason a dozen days after injuring the thumb on his throwing hand at the quarterback position.

  • I mean, doesn't that factor in somehow?

  • I mean, you're not gonna get optimal Jared golf if he's got a banged up thumb on his throwing.

  • Well, I don't think any of the decisions that they would make going forward is predicated on the way that he played in the playoffs.

  • Okay, I think it's gonna be over the body of work.

  • Yeah, over the course of two seasons, right?

  • I mean, they're not just gonna say, Oh, guy came back two weeks later where he didn't play.

  • Well, we hate him.

  • No, I hate him because in week six look what he did or leak.

  • We ate.

  • Look what I did.

  • I mean, John McVeigh has came out with comments about the course of the season where he said, Look, you know, Jared, golf needs to be better or quarterback needs to be better.

  • I think it's pretty known what his expectations are, you know, from a standard level of success with what he wants from his Q B.

  • The question is, you know, come into this offseason, Ken Jared golf and recover from his thumb surgery and play at a high level enough that will suit that for which I'm vague wants his team to accomplish.

  • And the great thing about you got guys like Aaron Rodgers and Rodgers is on his way to getting back to the Super Bowl for the second time in his career.

  • This is the first time from a playoff standpoint that Aaron Rodgers has had home field advantage throughout the playoffs.

  • He's hosting a home game.

  • I'm sure the crowd will be increased.

  • You gotta look at what they did from an offensive standpoint, whether it was with Adam's, whether it was Erin Jones running the ball.

  • But defensively, they stepped up to the plate.

  • I mean, they sacked Jared Golf multiple times.

  • Kenny Clarke, I think, had three sacks.

  • Big defensive tackle out of U.

  • C.

  • L.

  • A.

  • Paid a bunch of money to, uh, this offseason.

  • So when you look at what Green Bay has been able to do It's gonna be a great matchup against Tom Brady you got.

  • I wouldn't call them both.

  • Well, I guess you could call them both Old heads going up against each other, right?

  • Even though Brady's a little bit older than and Rogers both from the same area up there in the Bay Area in California, thanks for watching ESPN on YouTube for live streaming sports and premium content subscribed to ESPN plus.

the Rams.

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