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  • really hard to see Lamar Jackson go out like that.

  • He just had such a hot end to the season.

  • Obviously never fun toe watch a player get injured at the end of a game like that.

  • But really, the story of this game was the Buffalo Bills and how they won.

  • Matt.

  • What about the way that they won gives you confidence in them going forward?

  • Listen, we've had we've had confidence in these Bills offense all year.

  • They're just absolutely incredible.

  • But the Bills defense, we haven't seen them dominate like they did last year.

  • They showed up and dominated against the Ravens offense.

  • That was on fire, Sam.

  • You mentioned it.

  • Lamar Jackson was this hot as any quarterback in the NFL, and they shut him in that offense down.

  • Hats off toe.

  • Leslie Frazier holding that team to three points.

  • Incredible job.

  • Eso If you say that Hey, it's gonna be I mean, the winds were unreal in this game, but you know what?

  • No, we're just gonna throw it on.

  • It was like Holy really, but that's how much confidence they have in Josh Allen.

  • They think they have the best player in the league Yeah, Alright.

  • They really dio.

  • And so when I look at it, Matt, you mentioned the game plan by Leslie Frazier.

  • I mean, phenomenal game plan brew.

  • You and I were talking about it watching the game yesterday.

  • They're playing quarters.

  • So what that means?

  • You know, there's four guys.

  • They're staying high, right?

  • It's not true.

  • Quarters is You know what?

  • They're playing man coverage from a high position, but the underneath coverage is playing zone.

  • And so they have three guys playing the the quarter position in a hook, the defender all eyes on the quarterback.

  • Why he couldn't scramble.

  • That's why brilliant, designed by Leslie Frazier and his staff and just to see the Buffalo team as a whole just grind in conditions that were made for the Baltimore Ravens.

  • Right?

  • It's windy.

  • You've got the better kicker, but the kicker ends up hitting both uprights.

  • They're the ones missing, and the Buffalo Bills defense are the ones that making the play because we know this time of year it's not gonna be what it was in the regular season, saying it's not gonna be okay.

  • The Bills, they're gonna score score 35.

  • So that's the way it's gonna be.

  • You can count on it.

  • You just can't.

  • The guys you don't know.

  • They're gonna have to come up.

  • Karen Johnson.

  • Who is that guy?

  • Oh, no, no, he's making plays.

  • You start to know players in divisional rounds in championship rounds and that played by Johnson.

  • It's like wake up people.

  • They got big time players on the defensive side of the Bills that can step up Moss.

  • And then all of a sudden, there he is.

  • That's the play that won the game.

  • And I think for me looking at this game, just understanding the elements.

  • Rex, you just talked about the wind.

  • We found out 20 mile per hour wind before the game.

  • So the first thing I'm thinking is, man, that the ball is not going to be in the air.

  • So you're talking about looking at the 1st 15 plays, man, you always talk about the 1st 15 plays offensively, throwing the ball, throwing the ball, throwing the ball.

  • So you look at Baltimore Ravens and how it affected Lamar Jackson that big third down, that he didn't complete Thio to his tight end Andrews.

  • So I looked at the them to be able to go home if they have to go to Kansas City.

  • Heard Josh Allen talking Cleveland at home, Kansas City away.

  • They're made for any elements in this game.

  • I like what's going on in Buffalo, and we thought those snaps would be something just like you said Hassle back.

  • I mean, all day, it seemed like Lamar had to go down and get it.

  • He had to do one handed catches there and then, finally, the one over his head costs not only the game there, but also the quarterback quarterback goes out because unfortunately, you got in concussion.

  • You know what?

  • I don't think people realize this team.

  • You take away the Murray Hill, the Hill Murray pass.

  • This teams won 12 games in a row.

  • I don't think people realize how good this football team is like this team can challenge anybody in this league.

  • I can promise you nobody hotter.

  • You think you're going to see him in a Super Bowl and I think thank you for watching ESPN on YouTube for live streaming sports and premium content.

really hard to see Lamar Jackson go out like that.

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Rex Ryan says people don’t know how good the Buffalo Bills are | NFL Countdown

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