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  • So days ago, we saw an article published in the papers here that claimed that building sites, as in construction sites, were going to be shut down in a matter of days because the tube was overcrowded with the commuters from those sites coming into London.

  • And it was accompanied by a bunch of images off packed out tubes.

  • And the government ended up summoning 40 off the biggest bosses as far as property contractors.

  • And they summoned them and said, What are you going to do about this overcrowding problem?

  • And the reason I bring this up is because I think it really highlights Ah lot of what I have been talking about for the past six months because here we have ah, group of entrepreneurs of private individuals that are gonna They're trying to keep their businesses alive, that air, trying to employ workers and keep the economy of London moving forward.

  • They're doing it in a covert Safeway by having most of their workers outside on.

  • They're actually providing jobs.

  • They're providing the basis for our economy.

  • They're providing tax revenues that can power the NHS.

  • And what does our government do?

  • They summon them and they say you need to fix the problem we're having with our transport system.

  • And again this seems to be completely endemic of the big problem we face here is that our government is not providing solutions.

  • The solutions we see being provided are by the business community.

  • And that's why we've got to find a way to get London back toe work and empower the business community.

  • Because over the past thousands of years it has always been entrepreneurship that has created the jobs through innovation because financial motive prevailed.

  • And again, these are the companies that are actually allowing some type of economic activity to happen here in London.

  • And yet what does the government dio?

  • They don't call them up and say, How can we learn from you?

  • How can we take your best practices on the construction sites and get those involved in our hospitality sector?

  • Maybe we could use some of your practices to get our theaters back or to get our airports open, but no way didn't see any of that.

  • Instead, they summoned them and said, You need to shut down your sites because we think you're causing this problem on our transport networks.

  • wrong, wrong way of looking at this thing entirely, and it looks as if the contractors are gonna find a way to keep doing business, and I salute them for that.

  • That's what they should do, and that's what business does really well.

  • Unfortunately, the current mayor of London doesn't know anything about running a business.

  • He's never run a business in his life.

  • He seems to be anti business.

  • He thinks tax revenues and innovation comes from some other system, which is completely in air.

  • We need to help empower thes businesses, and that's why my philosophy of getting London back toe work is a leadership issue.

  • More than anything.

  • If we had a current mayor that was actively trying to get this city back toe work that was meeting with the CEOs of the top 25 global financial institutions in the city where I work for 10 years and said, What's it gonna take to safely get back 20% of your workforce?

  • What's it gonna take?

  • Let's make this happen.

  • How can we innovate?

  • How can we do use science based decision making?

  • How can we create a proportional response to the virus instead, your current mayor who is going to get re elected if you don't do something about it.

  • All he has is one solution which is locked down.

  • Lock down, lock down.

  • He uses fear as a weapon against you.

  • All he has is a hammer.

  • So everything looks like a nail.

  • And that's his only solution on what does he do?

  • In the meantime, he blames the government for his failures.

  • Toe lead this city.

  • We've all seen it too many times.

  • We're all sick and tired of this.

  • We need some real leadership.

  • Ah, leader provides solutions and innovations.

  • And I think we can not only look to the private sector but also empower and enable the private sector when it comes to finding a way out of this crisis.

  • So leave me your comments below.

  • Do you think we should reward those companies for finding covert safe solutions and try to wait, find a way to empower them so they can employ more people?

  • Or do you think we should just try toe, lock everything down whenever we see someone doing innovation?

  • So leave your comments below.

  • Tell me what you think I believe We need to get London back toe work.

  • I think we could do it in a safe way.

  • Way could take London in a new direction on Make this place a world class city once again.

So days ago, we saw an article published in the papers here that claimed that building sites, as in construction sites, were going to be shut down in a matter of days because the tube was overcrowded with the commuters from those sites coming into London.

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