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  • TINY: Hello, Cretacia!

  • Time for another edition of Dino News.

  • Let's find out what's happening in the world of sports.

  • Over to you, Rocky!

  • ROCKY: Thanks, Tiny. Big news on the courts today.

  • Team Dino challenged Team Raptor to a game of carniball!

  • MAZU: The raptors recruited Dilo and Patchy to play.

  • A couple of big ringers!

  • BILL: Oh, no! How could we ever win now?

  • Carni-ball is already so hard!

  • MAZU: Carniball is like basketball,

  • but instead of hoops,

  • we throw the ball into the mouth of a carnivorous plant!

  • TINY: Which makes slam-dunking pretty tricky.

  • ROCKY: Lucky for us,

  • Mazu's magnificent half-court shot

  • gave Team Dino the early lead.

  • We were on our way to a win!

  • BILL: But the raptors quickly tied the score.

  • Totor's breath was stronger than my defense! Phee-yew!

  • TINY: Then Rocky got hurt and couldn't play.

  • BILL: I thought, there's no way we could win now.

  • We were one dino down, and I'm terrible at carniball!

  • TINY: No you're not, Bill.

  • BILL: Did you see me during practice?

  • (Yelping)

  • Whoa! Ugh!

  • Uh-oh.

  • (All gasp)

  • I told you guys I'm not good at this game.

  • MAZU: And now we reminded Bill

  • that he has all the moves he needs.

  • TINY: He just had to pretend he was dodging Giganto!

  • BILL: Now that's something I'm good at.

  • Huh?

  • (Roaring)

  • (Bill screaming)

  • (Grunts)

  • I can do this!

  • ROCKY: And Bill's driving down the court,

  • and he put a chill on Dilo's frill!

  • Patchy was no matchy!

  • He showed Totor the floor!

  • And then there was Cror...

  • BILL: And I thought, if I can out-move Giganto,

  • I'm not letting a raptor get in my way.

  • - We won! We won! - We won! We won!

  • Alright!

  • TINY: That's right, folks, you heard it here first.

  • Bill won the game with his dino-dodging moves!

  • ROCKY: And the carnivorous plants ate well.

  • MAZU: And by the way, scientists believe

  • that carnivorous plants did exist

  • during the Cretaceous period.

  • They just didn't eat dinos our size.

  • ROCKY: Or basketballs.

  • TINY: Instead, they most likely ate insects

  • that got stuck in them.

  • MAZU: But some pitcher plants in Southeast Asia

  • have been known to digest frogs, small rats and lizards.

  • BILL: Lizards?

  • MAZU: Don't worry, Bill. You're safe from the plant.

  • BILL: Phew! Then I can go back to celebrating our win! Whoo!

TINY: Hello, Cretacia!

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Carni Plant | Gigantosaurus: Dino News | Disney Junior

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