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  • the Mets knew nothing.

  • And if they knew nothing, why should they in any way, be frowned upon as an organization, Especially since once they found out they fired him and Steve Cohen, the new owner, made the statement that he made about?

  • There will be zero tolerance for this kind of inappropriate behavior.

  • What's the problem?

  • I don't see how this effects or stains the Mets organization in any way they have nothing to do with this is all on Jared Porter, first of all, good reporter for apologizing when she said Stop, On the other hand, he needed to be told not to do that in this day and age at any data age.

  • But in this day and age especially, he had to be told.

  • Don't do 60 text messages.

  • It is.

  • It's disturbed.

  • ITT's.

  • Let me say this, Stephen A.

  • You're right that the Mets have been a clown show for a lot of their history, and especially in a town with the Yankees who are the gold standard of sports in American history.

  • 27 championships.

  • The Mets are usually the Clown show and the Yankees of the Heritage franchise.

  • What the reason this is damaging to the Mets in a way, at least in the short term, is that the Yankees have are under orders to get un below the luxury tax.

  • Repeat, er, threshold.

  • All that stuff from how Steinbrenner and, meantime, the Metz's.

  • It's a new day, right?

  • The Wilpons cheap Wilpons that broke because it made off whatever they sell the team.

  • Cohen has all this money.

  • He's gonna spend it, and they make this big trade for Lin Door.

  • And also Carrasco's is good, very good.

  • Mid location picture.

  • And it's like, right here they come.

  • And while they handled it appropriately, you're right.

  • As soon as they found out okay, you're gon you're out of here.

  • That's right.

  • It still gives the appearance of clown show.

  • And and so it's not that they did anything wrong.

  • It may be, In fact, the way they handled it augers well, right?

  • It bodes well for their future, but at this moment, it's a stain on the franchise at the moment, attached to the Mets of controversy right at the time where it looked like Okay, here they come.

  • There's no way to spin it that it's good, except for the fact that you're right.

  • As soon as they found out about it, you're out of there.

  • Here's why.

  • I respectfully disagree with you to some degree, because given the oppression of a clown show, whatever.

  • I think that that depends on us, not them.

  • It depends on how we treat the Mets.

  • You know, as a media is the fourth estate.

  • As as pundits and commentators out there, they don't deserve that in this situation.

  • This man did this stuff in 2000 and 16 when he was the member of another organization.

  • The other organization, which is the Chicago Cubs, didn't know about it.

  • No one knew about it.

  • So you know Thio se Teoh hold them culpable in any way.

  • Gives the impression that you know what you're supposed their supposed to know.

  • Every single thing about you and your personal life.

  • I'm sorry, Max.

  • If I'm an executive for the New York Mets on any organization I might probe, I might check the police blotters.

  • I'm I interview you and ask you some questions.

the Mets knew nothing.

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First Take discusses the Mets firing GM Jared Porter

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    林宜悉 posted on 2021/01/19
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