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  • Thanks so much for being here.

  • I love it when you come on the show.

  • Thanks.

  • I have a great time.

  • You're e No.

  • You do that za Great.

  • Uh, Aubrey, I wanna ask you about Ah, picture that I saw that confused me.

  • You were on the set of parks and recreation and you're with your co star Amy Poehler, and something's going on.

  • Maybe you could tell us what's happening here.

  • There's a lot of hugging and then your legs starts to wrap around Amy Poehler and curious What's going on here when I hug someone my legs like, instinctively wrap around them.

  • Really?

  • Yeah.

  • When you hug somebody, your leg really does Not everyone, but it's something that's happened since I was a child.

  • My grandfather used to call me like monkey.

  • And for every Christmas he gives me a stuffed monkey and he's like, You're a monkey.

  • You always wrap your legs around just like a monkey reflex.

  • Hey, if you're saying I don't want to get too personal but say you're like with your boyfriend and your hugging woulda legs start to encircle him possibly.

  • Yeah, both of them would like and a lot of times I like force the other person to pick me up like a monkey would dio Yes.

  • You might just be really lazy.

  • Yeah, maybe it's not something I'm proud of.

  • No, no, I didn't pick that picture.

  • Yeah, that was paparazzi, I guess.

  • And you guys saw the paparazzi there.

  • So you decided to go with it?

  • Yeah, sure way.

Thanks so much for being here.

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Aubrey Plaza & Amy Poehler's Makeout Session - CONAN on TBS

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