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  • another team in that deal, the Cavaliers.

  • We learned that they intend to trade or wave 2019.

  • 1st round pick Kevin Porter Jr during an outburst he had Friday after finding out his locker was given to Taurean Prince, who was acquired in that deal.

  • Porters Locker had been moved to a different side now.

  • Porter hadn't played this season for unspecified personnel reasons, and we, of course, know that he had a legal incident, that they were trying to get him some help.

  • Um, according to reporting, This was first reported by the athletic, conferred by ESPN, that Porter reportedly got into a screaming match with calves, brass and through some food in the locker room.

  • Remember J R.

  • Smith through the bowl of chicken tortilla soup years ago.

  • I don't know what it is about food and the Cavaliers locker room, but there you go.

  • After that altercation, Porter was told to clean out his locker.

  • Other members of the roster were informed he would no longer be on the team.

  • As mentioned, the athletic first reported this incident.

  • Coach Viz, what is your reaction to this?

  • It's sad because because obviously you're starting to see continuous incidents happen, and you hate to see that kind of spiral start to take place where the kid and, you know, I know as a black coach, I've been, uh, you said that term a lot this show already, but as a black coach, knowing what some of these kids go through to get to where they are and, ah, lot of people don't understand it, but a lot of these kids, and I'm not excusing him for his behavior.

  • But a lot of these kids suffer trauma when you grow up in the neighborhood where gunshots is ringing out all the time or the potential for you to get robbed is there all the time, or the police is basically occupying your neighborhood.

  • There's trauma that comes with that.

  • And I can tell you from from the standpoint of my own personal trauma, because I lived in a neighborhood like that, and I know where this kid is from, and so it's unfortunate to see him in these circumstances.

  • You hope that people around him can help him and galvanize him and get his career and his life back on the right track toe, where because he's super talented eh?

  • NBA player is not the question is, can he?

  • Yeah, it's Can we get all of the other stuff taken care of?

  • And, uh, you know, I know J B and then try to do everything they can for the kids.

  • Hopefully, it works out for, You know, when these kids come out of college and they have these issues, people sometimes think, Oh, he has money.

  • He is in the NBA status that these problems might not.

  • They might go away, and this is not always the case.

  • And I think these teams, they don't think like this.

  • They think for me.

  • I think every team should have Ah, former player, a player that's looked up on their team in the I would recommend director of player personnel, something like that, where these guys can go to and confidence.

  • I'm not saying a therapist or anything like that, but someone they could go to in confidence that yo, I have this issue have this problem so they could talk to someone so they could have ah, big brother or father figure they could talk to, because these guys need sometimes need an outlet and you have outlets on the court like that when you burst out because you can't go to someone and yell and scream at them and cursed him out.

  • Even tell my kids some days if you want to be a friend, you need to let some things.

  • I do it because once you get it off your chest, you're gonna feel better than we could solve the problem right?

  • And teams do have those.

  • Resource is now more so than when back back in the day, Um, but it's also up to the players sometimes to take advantage of them.

  • And as you point out, guys can be.

  • They could be a little closed off about that stuff because dealt with so much trust issues like some of these guys are really.

  • They don't trust anybody to tell anybody anything, and what he's talking about is really important.

  • I really spent a lot of time with the Knicks bringing back all of the former Knicks, trying to get him talking to the guys, engaging with them about their experiences, their ups or downs, the pitfalls of the game, things that could happen at home, things that can happen with family, and so that is a critical part of our our job for these young guys and hopefully again, can we get him back and get him on track to be a good professional?

  • Live a good life.

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another team in that deal, the Cavaliers.

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The Cavs are looking to trade or waive Kevin Porter Jr. after locker room outburst | The Jump

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