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  • Welcome back to the jump.

  • I am joined by David Fizdale, Robert Ory and Marc Spears, and that was a clip from James Wiseman's video diary diary with Mark and the Undefeated.

  • So, Mark, do you think Wiseman is living up to expectations so far for the Warriors?

  • Oh, most definitely.

  • Certainly.

  • These expectations are very, very high.

  • You know, I interviewed him two years ago.

  • He's most impressive high school kid I've ever talked to.

  • He speaks Mandarin.

  • Uh, hey, want therapist?

  • He wants to own fast food restaurants, and he has game.

  • I saw that the Hoop Summit practices that he was special.

  • Before the draft, there was one Scout told me that he was gonna be a combination of David Robinson and Chris Pot for high praise.

  • Which gonna probably be, Ah, Hall of Famer.

  • And so far, so good.

  • He seems to be getting better with every game.

  • Uhh!

  • Draymond Green is in his ear and he's listening, and he's an interesting wraps, and he's got his F 150 coming to San Francisco soon to drive around instead of a Ferrari.

  • Hey, can't fit in the Ferrari.

  • Think about when you talk about Wiseman always wanna talk about expectations.

  • You know what is the team's expectation?

  • What his curves expectations?

  • Because he needs to go out and then just play his game.

  • He's playing with three.

  • Well, one is out, but three dynamic players who've got rings who got All Star appearances.

  • So he just needs to sit back and learn.

  • I love the fact that he's going on still doing his thing, because one of my favorite things is Vernon Maxwell.

  • You always used to tell me about you.

  • Do what you do, do what got you here and that's what he's doing.

  • He's just going out and playing his game, not trying to be this guy, that guy just being himself and doing what comes naturally.

  • He's always like they show here with Draymond.

  • He's always going to Draymond because why Draymond is a defensive player, he knows the game.

  • He's one of the best of getting people involved, So why was learning from the best?

  • These kids grow fast when they're surrounded with a bunch of talent like no pressure is on him at all.

  • And I think I was on the show probably three weeks ago and we were talking about when Clay went down at the Warriors was done.

  • Ah, lot of people were writing them off.

  • And a big reason why the Warriors are in the playoff conversation is because this kid right here and this kid's gonna keep moving faster.

  • He's bringing the ball up.

  • He's crossing over guards.

  • He's finishing with either hand.

  • I watch one game.

  • He's shooting threes.

  • Uh, he is dynamic.

  • You add that to the mix of what Golden State does and the championship pedigree.

  • Like you, said Draymond player, defensive player of the year Steph MVP.

  • He's learning from the best.

  • Absolutely thanks for watching ESPN on YouTube for live streaming sports and premium content subscribed to ESPN plus.

Welcome back to the jump.

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Robert Horry loves what he sees from James Wiseman so far | The Jump

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