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  • European lawmakers said to discuss the fate of migrants stranded on the EU's external borders.

  • Today, the situation is especially acute in Bosnia, where thousands of mostly Middle Eastern migrants remain in limbo on Bosnia is not an EU member, but it borders Croatia, which is in the union.

  • Human rights groups say migrants have frequently reported rough encounters with Croatian police, including beatings and being forcefully sent back into Bosnia.

  • Croatian authorities deny the allegations.

  • Currently, there are nearly 90 migrants estimated to be in Bosnia, many from Afghanistan, Pakistan or Syria.

  • The UN's migration agency says more than a third are living without any shelter at all.

  • Many were left homeless when a camp in Leaper was evacuated in December after Bosnian authorities failed to prepare the camp for winter.

  • The empty camp was later set on fire.

  • The Bosnian army has set up new tents, but NGOs same or permanent shelter is sorely needed.

  • Marina Strauss reports For the past three months, this makeshift camp near Bosnia's border with Croatia has been home for a hell suffer the young Pakistani shares.

  • A shelter in the woods with five others is my sleeping bag, this potato chili what everything there for?

  • You know, onion, it is my food.

  • They have enough to eat, Suffer says.

  • But other than that, they have practically nothing.

  • All this time of year, temperatures often drop well below zero.

  • Suffer has to collect wood from the forest to keep them warm.

  • There's only one reason the man Andrew, these conditions they want to get to Croatia and into the European Union tried.

  • Maybe 10, 15 times go.

  • But police sketch.

  • They beat.

  • Why you come, the Croshere.

  • Why you cause a cross border, you and legal.

  • You don't have documents.

  • Where you coming across the border.

  • That's why too much try but each other one day.

  • Be successfully.

  • No problem.

  • Safir wants to find work in Germany in his hometown of Karachi, Pakistan, He says he had to struggle, dyin, die out just to make and Smead.

  • And while living in the woods is hard, he says, it's still better than life.

  • In deeper the leap, a refugee camp made headlines in recent weeks.

  • First it was cleared on, then burned down.

  • The migrants and refugees have now been moved into tense, but many here say nobody should live like this in winter.

  • It's pictures like thes but have attracted unwanted attention to help Bosnian authorities have handled the situation.

  • But the region's prime minister says that you and the Boston government share the blame in there are solutions for the migration situation in Bosnia.

  • The highest officials in this country need to show political will to stop and regulate illegal migration into the country and to control how the money is spent off.

  • All the people we spoke to here, none want to stay in Bosnia, but rather to continue their journey into the U.

  • For many, the chances of being granted asylum in the U are slim by the doesn't deter suffer.

  • Who says going back to Pakistan is not an option?

  • Europe have everything they give.

  • Camp is good, Every food is good.

  • Clothes, good, everything we work.

  • There's no problem.

  • That's why we wanted to put a soon as it gets a bit warmer.

  • Hey, Suffer will try to cross the border again.

  • But for now he has no choice but to wait here.

  • Ah, life in mud, rain and severe cold.

  • Yeah, D w Marina Strauss, who filed that report, joins us now from Brussels.

  • Marina, you lawmakers due to meet to discuss this issue today.

  • What have they been saying about the situation there?

  • Well, they're just starting the discussion right now, but we know what you commission that your executive body has said about the situation.

  • Also you member member states, they have repeatedly been saying This is an unacceptable situation.

  • This is a humanitarian crisis that has to be soft immediately and they're putting the blame on the Boston government, saying they really have to do something to improve the situation.

  • The thing is, there actually is a refugee shelter in the nearby town off be hotch that has been closed down just a couple of months ago.

  • It's not a luxury facility.

  • It's like the old company.

  • But still it's better than what we're seeing in Aleppo camp.

  • It was fine despite that you but there are many people protest ing in front off this shelter.

  • We went there and talked to these people and they say that problems with migrants in the past and that's why they don't want thio this facility to be reopened.

  • Eso That's why local authorities are refusing Thio reopen this shelter so things are, ah, lot more complicated, then what?

  • They seem at first sight and you've got, of course, just returned from Bosnia has spoken to a lot of the migrants there.

  • What more can you tell us about these allegations of Croatian police brutally sending migrants backed at the Bosnian border?

  • All migrants and all refugees we talked tohave repeat like competed thes allegations.

  • So not only them also, the local authorities said This is happening.

  • For example, Rahil, so far the young Pakistani man we saw in the report, he said he tried 10 15 times across the border, and each time he was beaten up by the police.

  • Sometimes they took away his mobile phone that sometimes this money, sometimes it's close.

  • That's what he told us.

  • But he is not the only way.

  • The the the only one they have been.

  • There have been numerous media reports on these issues, and she owes have been collecting photos documenting thes abuses.

  • The creation authorities are denying such claims, but critics are saying this is a clear breach of international law and also off your regulation because everyone who arrives at the border often you country has to be granted the right to at least apply for asylum.

European lawmakers said to discuss the fate of migrants stranded on the EU's external borders.

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Refugees stuck in winter shelters at EU border in Bosnia | DW News

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