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  • so a new article just came out that talked about how the lowest paid workers in London are shunning Cove.

  • It tests because they cannot afford to self isolate.

  • And we all know that there's a £500 compensation scheme if you are forced to self isolate.

  • But lower paid workers can't afford losing their jobs.

  • And they did a study off people in new him here, one of the boroughs that's the most economically challenged.

  • And they said that three quarters of the people there would need a guarantee before they would go ahead and self isolate, even if they tested positive.

  • And it just goes to show that this entire lock down disproportionately affects those at the lower end of the economic spectrum.

  • And it's doing massive damage toe a whole group of people that have no choice but to go ahead and try toe work in this scenario, and they'll go ahead and take risks that they don't necessarily want to take or need to take because of this lock down and it it just goes back to the many things that I've been talking about regularly, and that is that this whole disproportionate response to the virus causes lots of collateral damage that causes damage to our Children's future to our mental health, even to our health system, because it can't do normal operations and cancer appointments etcetera.

  • And now we're seeing how it can massively affect the lower income workers in this city who are desperate to keep that job.

  • They're worried that if they take time off to self isolate, they won't come back to a job because they don't have a luxury of having, for example, a choice of jobs.

  • And again, I believe that we're just not evaluating some of the long term damage of this lock down and what it's gonna do to all different areas of socio economics, our Children, our mental health and so much, much more.

  • I did a whole episode about a week and a half ago about how the lock down alone, according Toa One professor in Bristol, is gonna cost 560,000 lives.

  • That's because of the economic downturn alone.

  • It has a really effect on lives.

  • Imagine if we saw that metric every single day, uh, posted in the guardian of how Maney lives.

  • We were losing because the GDP contract ID at 11% last year, and it's still declining, declining, declining.

  • Would we change our behavior if we knew that that activity was losing lives?

  • But instead we don't we look at one number.

  • It's the Koven metric number.

  • And again, this uncertainty hurts everyone.

  • It hurts entrepreneurs.

  • It hurts businesses.

  • It also hurts those lower income workers when there's no certainty on the future, because the business is also can't hire long term.

  • Or they can't even tell these lower income workers if they're gonna be needed or not.

  • And again, this city needs workers.

  • Whether it's gentleman out here working construction here, whether it's the people delivering you your food, all these people still are required to keep the city moving during even during lock down.

  • And yet we're not really thinking about the effects that that's having on these people.

  • So I would love to get your thoughts below.

  • What do you think?

  • Do you think this lock down is unfairly punishing the low income workers and people that are forced to work or have to work?

  • And do you think we need to come up with some new ideas?

  • Cem innovations some new solutions and take our cities in our country in a new direction.

  • So many people are calling now for exact dates of when we can come out of lock down.

  • You know, the Tory party is saying we need to know an exact schedule and that's for our businesses.

  • That's for our mental health.

  • Us for our Children.

  • That's for our future.

  • We demand the same thing.

  • We need to know a specific timeline of how we're getting out of this and not expect more of these knee jerk decisions thes last minute decisions to close this and open this and close it down again.

  • Sometimes happening on a 24 hour timescale later.

  • Um, it's frustrating for us.

  • The citizens.

  • It's blue Monday on Monday, January the 18th, the most depressing day of the year.

  • And a lot of us need some clarity from our politicians.

  • We need some leadership.

  • We need some solutions.

  • Please step up.

  • This is Riel.

  • We're watching you now.

  • This is why you know we elect you.

  • This is what you are there for.

  • To make difficult decisions with times are tough.

  • So leave your comments below.

  • We will get this through this together.

  • 2021.

  • I really believe we could turn this around, but we need new solutions, new leadership and a new direction.

so a new article just came out that talked about how the lowest paid workers in London are shunning Cove.

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