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  • Yeah.

  • Ever thought that this kind of says ever come tow us?

  • We're, like, through your honor and always happy.

  • Great before the things.

  • But still we go never take this for granted.

  • There's Ugo.

  • Is it something big is a big deal.

  • Wait a lot of our career.

  • Sweet.

  • Okay, we owe, uh, Tanganyika take a Cuban dio e o u e o She gets him that No, uh, e to the ego coordinate has in the negative.

  • Hey, e o or skated with e.

  • Come on, people who were the honey a e a the Oh, cute.

  • Uh, a lesson in the booth.

  • E o E o.

  • Uh, a So 28 bombers had a Canadian there.

  • We owe a bomb hung in conjunction.

  • Could be on the look then The publisher that will let todo are amazing.

  • Our stuff by so many took some time to completely sinking.

  • And then when it finally struck, were like, man, this is insane.

  • The couldn't believe what army had accomplished campaign Tonto.

  • And he just e uh huh.

  • Home to monkey down there.

  • You care how much you can give yourself, You're and then keep, you know, charm Trotta.

  • Okay, people the status off eating Hershey's start game, but, uh, she be more cheese queen.

  • You don't want a They actually more idiot.

  • You okay?

  • Cops take that out and check out which make you just called the Reboot this or you need a make.

  • Just one day.

  • We owe money.

  • E Oh, wait.

  • Yeah.

  • Rio, come on.

  • Going to army.

  • You can get Webley studio.

  • Yeah.

  • Could a e o e Fast growing key timing to tone and grown Oh, Thio Always a like in the way E o uh, agent, Can you talk about that?

  • Yeah.

  • Don't pending the young.

  • Uh okay, go ahead.

  • She said So when the tithe, uh could mes I couldn't come over body part of education.

  • Uh, payment comes out.

  • Uh, his and it stands tonight Free free.

  • E o Booth people dio I heard that was sometimes fucking game.

  • She can t get trapped in Jordan now.

  • She got something patio and then it wasn't.

  • Uh huh.

  • She me a thing could get tomorrow way.

  • They some though.

  • Okay, you guys.

  • Whoa!

  • Yeah e o group e o.

  • But a e o You're going to have a record teaching e passage Booth E a Thank you so much.

  • Vanity.

  • Farrah's husband.


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B1 owe booth army free free wait yeah hershey

BTSが明かす、成功までの道のりとARMYへの思い。| VOGUE JAPAN

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    林宜悉 posted on 2021/01/18
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