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  • This will be the seventh playoff matchup between quarterbacks with multiple MVPs entering the game.

  • Brady versus Peyton, The only other one we've seen in the last 15 years.

  • You see some of the matchups that we have seen in the past, And so, just as we sort of have our first look ahead to what will be one of the most hyped games we could ever possibly imagine, Green Bay and Tampa Bay played Week six.

  • Tampa Bay beat him 38 to 10.

  • Aaron Rodgers has thrown only five interceptions the whole year.

  • He threw two in that game.

  • So, Rex, why should we think this is going to be different?

  • Well, I think it's gonna be different because Green Bay's defense is playing a heck of a lot better right now than they did, uh, during that time and Davante Adams was coming off injury.

  • Been out for a couple of weeks, and that offense just looked out of sync.

  • They really did.

  • Now I get where you're coming from is dominant as Tampa's defense looked.

  • I mean, Todd Bowles is going to do this with the game plan.

  • Blow the dust of it.

  • All right, boys, Thistle is what we're going to run again because it looked like they could have stayed out there for a week in Green Bay.

  • Done nothing in that game.

  • So I don't expect a whole lot of changes from Todd Bowles and Company this week.

  • But I think Green Bay, they're playing at such a high level right now.

  • I think it's, uh, the games definitely gonna be different than it wasn't like both these teams are.

  • How is it different?

  • Dan Orlovsky, How is that game different from what this one is gonna be?

  • Well, Rogers is going to turn the ball over like that.

  • Second of all met, Leflore is gonna study that tape and go, Okay, What were we not good at?

  • You know that that was really when they're they're pre snapper at the snap motion was rolling in.

  • Tampa Bay was the first team to kind of counter it where they blitzed off the motion.

  • So he's gonna have answers for that.

  • I promise you he will have a much better plan for their blitz package because they didn't really have a good plan for the blitz package when they when they met in week six.

  • I'd expect a lot of perimeter screens versus it before Green Bay's offense on.

  • I think these teams are very different than they were to, you know, 2.5 3 months ago.

  • Where conceptual e schematically personnel wise, This will be a fantastic football game.

  • And also this games in Green Bay.

  • It's not in Tampa Bay.

  • That is a huge factor for Tampa Bay's offense in their success.

  • They haven't played a really cold weather game at Washington a couple of weeks ago, but I haven't played a real cold weather game in a while.

  • So RC, we come to you.

  • You have played against Aaron Rodgers in the Super Bowl.

  • You have played against Tom Brady in championship games.

  • Give us your sense of these two legends going head to head on Sunday.

  • I mean, this is my favorite matchup of the weekend, and obviously there's only two.

  • But I know Ah, lot of people are interested in the young guns on the other side.

  • These were the two best quarterbacks I ever faced during my career, and it was for different reasons.

  • Tom was always ahead.

  • Tom always understood where the blitz was coming where the Open Man would be.

  • But when you play a guy like Aaron Rodgers, none of that stuff, stuff, stuff, matters.

  • And I remember watching Aaron Rodgers in 2010, 2011 14 and thinking to myself, he could never play better than this.

  • I've never seen a quarterback more efficient, more comfortable until I watched Aaron Rodgers play this year.

  • He is in full control of this offense right now, and it seemed that early on in the season, he thought and he could believe that this team could be good.

  • But now he knows Now he knows what Alan Lazar brings to the team.

  • Now He knows what Robert Onion could be.

  • We finally saw a three headed monster at running back last week or this week against the Los Angeles ramps.

  • This is a different team.

  • Let's have a big Buccaneers, are a different team, But these are two of the greatest quarterbacks of all time playing at the biggest moment of this season, and we have to cherish this.

  • We have to relish this, and the one thing that's different about this week than last week against the Saints is that number 12 from the Green Bay Packers still has it, and he has it in Bunches.

  • And it's gonna be fun to watch these two legends battle.

  • Go ahead, then.

  • I just think the stress that Green Bay's offense is gonna be very different than what they gave him Week six is well, like this is this is an offense that is going to stress them defensively.

  • Tampa way more than New Orleans did.

  • I mean, the ability to push the ball downfield with Alan Lazard.

  • We saw it against Green Bay Rogers ability to get outside the pocket and move.

  • Remember, Like, that's not something that Drew is able to do that.

  • You gotta cover the tight ends and this is gonna be a physical run game.

  • This is a run game that has really developed both physically and also scheme wise to get the ball to perimeter.

  • So, you know, this is a team in Green Bay that has really learned a lot about itself over the past 2.5 months.

  • And again, this is gonna be remarkable football game by both talent wise and the coaching.

  • Coincidentally, but at least interestingly to me, both games this weekend are rematches of games that were played the same weekend.

  • Week six On Sunday, the Buccaneers blew out the Packers.

  • And then, on Monday, in one of the rescheduled games, Kansas City beat Buffalo.

  • So we will see all these weeks later, these two teams going head to head again.

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This will be the seventh playoff matchup between quarterbacks with multiple MVPs entering the game.

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