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  • child welfare has become a national emergency.

  • And that's why Boris Johnson, our prime minister, is facing demands from doctors and politicians and charities for a wide ranging commission to examine the devastating effects of the pandemic on Children.

  • Many families were swept into poverty, and there were already four million of them living below the poverty line.

  • And now, because of the pandemic, they're facing mental health issues like isolation and Children that air just uncertain about their future.

  • And they've gone on to determine that 1.5 million Children under 18 are gonna need additional mental support.

  • And these were some of the costs of a lock down that the government just doesn't quantify.

  • They want you to look at this number every single day of cases, hospitalizations and covert related deaths.

  • And they don't quantify some of the long term damage of these lockdowns.

  • And one of those is the mental health of our Children.

  • The other one is the mental health of our adults.

  • The other thing is that strain on the NHS for cancer appointments.

  • The other thing is just the devastating economic circumstances and the long term effects or deep scarring as our chancellor called it off.

  • What the economy contraction is going to mean to us, and it's important that we start looking at one metric more metrics than just one.

  • When you look at this one number every day, that's a daily number, and you're making decisions that are gonna change the next 10 years of our future, from the economy to our Children.

  • It's just not an intelligent thing to do.

  • I come from a science background As a trained engineer.

  • You don't make an entire systematic decision based on one number that rapidly fluctuates, and that's exactly what we're doing now.

  • So I look forward to this commission taking place and looking into the devastating effects of our Children.

  • A lot of them are at home and isolated and trying to go to school via Zoom, which we know does not work.

  • We need to open our schools.

  • We need to open our economy.

  • We gotta get London back toe work is what we have to dio.

  • I know we can do that in a safe way.

  • We just need leaders with ideas.

  • We need leaders that innovate, which in my opinion, is why we elect him your job is to innovate and educate and find solutions not to use.

  • Fear is a weapon, not toe lock everything down with one blunt instrument, as the prime minister called it, a blunt instrument that we continually use toe pound the population and now they're talking about stricter measures.

  • The labor leader, Keir Starmer, said today he wouldn't rule out stricter measures.

  • I mean, how do you get any stricter?

  • They're gonna lock you in their house in your house where you can never go outside.

  • You cannot worship your Children, can't go to school.

  • I don't know how we could get much worse.

  • Another talking about new mutant strains this time to find a way to live with this virus.

  • That's what we have to do.

  • I don't think there's another way out of it.

  • We need new ideas.

  • We cannot keep this country locked down for six months, 12 months, 18 months or more.

  • It's just not tenable.

  • And these studies and ideas on our Children's mental health proves one of the many factors.

  • There's probably 10 significant factors that we're not looking into with these massive lockdowns, but we're looking at this one number and when it goes down, then I guess we won.

  • But we lost the entire time.

  • So leaving your thoughts below do you think lock down justifies the long term damages?

  • Do you think it justifies the damage to the mental health of our Children?

  • Do you think it justifies the damage we're going to do to Britain as a whole?

  • How we gonna pay for our future?

  • How we gonna pay for the NHS?

  • How we gonna pay for anything if we stay locked down?

  • Leave me your comments below as the next mayor of London, I will take London in a new direction and I'll open this up.

  • We will get us back toe work.

  • We will find ways of dealing with this virus.

  • It's gonna be here for a while, so let's start innovating now.

child welfare has become a national emergency.

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