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  • everyone is Kim here?

  • Welcome back to my channel.

  • In today's video, I have my new morning routine video in my new apartment.

  • I just moved in, so you guys get to see a sneak peek off my apartment.

  • This video is in collaboration with IAB.

  • Eso, as you guys can probably already tell.

  • I am not a morning person.

  • I always snooze my alarm until I absolutely have to wait.

  • Once I am up, I usually play on my phone for a bit.

  • I usually go on Instagram first to just look at updates and then respond to comments.

  • Make sure you follow me if you haven't yet.

  • I also have a deep where I sell my old clothes on there.

  • I'll play a few games until it's time to actually get out of bed.

  • Eso I'm going to pick up something comfortable to wear in the house and then head off to take a shower.

  • I'm going to show you guys my shower routine featuring a vino.

  • You could get them on IAB, which carries over a D'Avino products and ships to over 160 countries who support in 10 languages.

  • First, I'm going to wash my face with a V No active natural moisturizing bar.

  • This bar works great for dry skin.

  • It's fragrance free, so it works well with daughters with sensitive skin.

  • It also has natural male as an ingredient.

  • This product works really well with absorbing dirt and all the e collect.

  • What's your asleep?

  • Once in the shower, I'm going to start off by washing my hair using the vino nourish and moisturize shampoo.

  • The shampoo works great for those of dry, damaged hair like mine, it provides essential moisture your hand needs with nourishing week complex.

  • The shampoo target areas where you need the most moisture, and then I'm going to be using the vino daily moisturizing body wash.

  • This helps replenish the skin's natural moisture and gives you visibly healthier skin.

  • Oatmeal is also an ingredient in its products.

  • ER is really gentle.

  • The product helps to lock in moisture for softer skin after your shower and works well for sensitive skin on.

  • Finally, I'm going to finish my shower off with the Aveeno.

  • Nourish and condition live in treatment.

  • You can leave this treatment in and don't wash it out.

  • It has nourishing week complex and deeply replenishes dry and damaged hair spray on your hair were needed.

  • It will reach out your hair and his gentle on color treated hair.

  • Once I've dried off its type of body care, I'm using the Aveeno Daily Moisturizing lotion.

  • It has been clinically proven to relieve dry skin.

  • It keeps the skin moisturized for 24 hours and has active natural ingredients.

  • This product is not crazy at all and really lock in the moisture.

  • Finally, I'm going to be using the Aveeno Eczema Therapy Moisturizing cream.

  • It has been clinically shown to super skin of eczema, relieves dry, itchy skin and is steroid free.

  • I have Xmas on my skin gets super dry and this product intensely moisturizes and his very gentle on your skin.

  • So the minute products work Really grateful people really dry sensitive skin like mine.

  • You can check out the description box, full links toe order put us.

  • I just mentioned after I finished my shower, brush my teeth and dried my hair is time for breakfast.

  • What I have for breakfast depends on how I feel today.

  • I'm going to be making some very simple toast and avocado.

  • I usually would cook an egg to But today, since I'm trying to save some time, I won't be doing that.

  • Now let's have a skin care.

  • So it first I'm going to be wiping down my face for my skin care routine.

  • I don't exactly have a proper routine going right now yet, so I'm just using some products that I just feel like putting on my face.

  • But most of the items I'm using, I just Korean skincare products.

  • One skincare is done.

  • It's time for makeup.

  • Todo do my hair.

  • I'm going to be doing something really simple today using a flat hair.

  • I'm just going to straighten my hair, but then kill my hair slightly towards the end todo to choose an outfit.

  • Today I'm going to go out to see some friends.

  • So I'm just gonna pick this floral top, which I've been loving lately.

  • But the bottom I'm going to be wearing a white skater skirt as it goes really well with this top.

  • Think I'm just going to grab my bag and head out.

  • That's the end of this video.

  • Thank you so much, guys, for watching.

  • Make sure you check out of this Christian box below for more information.

  • on the items that I used in this video.

  • Make sure you click the thumbs up button if you enjoy it.

  • And don't forget to subscribe.

  • What's it?

  • Follow me on my blood channel for more life updates and I'll see you guys in the next video by.

everyone is Kim here?

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My Morning Routine in NEW APARTMENT!

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