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  • en ba Twitter is straight up drama.

  • There's nobody better suited to explain everyone's tweet than yours.

  • Truly welcome.

  • So, Master Earth here.

  • Hello, Sports nation.

  • Look, I got my fancy jacket on.

  • So you know what that means.

  • Give me some tweets.

  • Okay?

  • First up is the Angelo Russell Pat Ma who question Mark Aaron Rodgers 12 for M v p.

  • Explanation.

  • Mark your speaking.

  • That good gospel today, young fella.

  • Look, Patrick Mahomes I love.

  • With all due respect, though, Aaron Rodgers has been a monster this year, and I agree with D'Angelo.

  • Russell.

  • He should win the M v p.

  • Carry on.

  • Next up.

  • Richard Jefferson, my partner, RJ.

  • I'm no longer accepting Twitter followers.

  • Please don't mess this up for me.

  • We're not gonna mess it up for you, RJ, because nobody was following you anyway.

  • Matter of fact, you want me the unfollowed.

  • You Let's do that because you're born, you don't tweet.

  • And matter of fact, you don't follow people back.

  • So why should we be following you?

  • Carry on Next up.

  • We've got the big man, Andre.

  • Drama.

  • Imagine your life the way you want it to be.

  • I don't even understand this tweet, But I'm pretty sure your life is going the way you want it to be.

  • Making hundreds of millions of dollars and playing the game that you love also do.

  • So I don't understand this for the rest of the world, but I get what you coming from the ultimate flex your fella carry on.

  • Next up we got a finals M v P Andre Eagle Dollar chasing the fountains of youth and it's in the present.

  • I said, I know what you're talking about, Edie, and I know you don't like being called me, but I feel like you flexing on guys like myself because you're still in the n b A.

  • You still athletic and you just got good genes.

  • But you ain't got a stunt on guys like me who then started this next career because I wasn't athletic enough.

  • Carry on.

  • You know what, Enough with everybody else.

  • Tweets.

  • Let's show with some of yours.

  • Truly been tweeting out.

  • Got that?

  • New fires for 35 emotions coming, y'all weight On the beginning of February, Fluffy Frenchies.

  • Yeah, that's the new way.

  • Y'all know, I meant to the Frenchies, but guess what?

  • They we didn't Add it for two.

  • The furry friendships I'm telling you, Fluffy, Furry The new way Carry on Jason Tatum and J.

  • Lo Brown is the top three duo in the n B A.

  • Don't mind Mito Carry on.

  • Yeah, Remind me because I'm giving virtual learning right now preaching that gospel.

  • They are top three duo in the league, both of them averaging 26 points a game.

  • Both of them could defend that a leak level.

  • So look, I'm just telling you on calling and how I see it.

  • City of Boston.

  • You'll have something to be happy about because you all have a future.

  • And these two youngsters.

  • Thank you for watching him master per theater, Carry on.

en ba Twitter is straight up drama.

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Kendrick Perkins decodes NBA tweets | Masterperk Theater | SportsNation

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