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  • welcoming back in woes.

  • Jalen and Jay will and woes.

  • When you think about these two superstars, I immediately think about the Woes pod and all that's gone into discovering the Yanis draft.

  • What's your reaction of what they've been able to do so far this season?

  • Well, it's really remarkable to think Maria back to that 2013 draft night Yannis is agent Alex Surratt's was trying to get him to number 16 to Atlanta.

  • He was very worried, though, about Dallas and 13 because Donnie Nelson there GM loved the honest.

  • In fact, in the draft room that night, Mike Procopio, who was a front office, uh, slash coach at the time, said to me, You know that Dani wanted to draft them, told those in the draft room he reminds me of a young doctor J.

  • But the Mavs, we're headed in the free agency.

  • They wanted to get Dwight Howard in that, uh, summer, and so they needed cap space.

  • They traded the pick, and obviously Milwaukee took Yanis Lieutenant Cooper with the 15th pick in that draft.

  • Later on, obviously, Donny Nelson, he will be remembered for drafting Luca.

  • Don change.

  • Well, we know what Luke has been able to do.

  • Obviously had a huge season a year ago, but J Well, what does he have to do this year?

  • Toe walk away with the M V.

  • P Trophy.

  • You know, barring injury from from last year, You know what I mean?

  • Like, he was right there.

  • He was right there.

  • And I look, you honest, I think it would be hard for you, honest to surpass what he did last year.

  • I just think statistically, he was exponentially better than what he was a year before.

  • And I think the one thing that kind of lingers over you, honest, is the fact that he has not won a chip yet.

  • I know this is a regular season of war, but it feels a little bit awkward not to bring, uh, you know, some kind of feeling into it, knowing that Yanis hasn't accomplished ultimate goal yet.

  • Maria, my eye is set on LeBron James.

  • Year 17 in the league at 36 years old has the Lakers off to the best record in the league at 10 and three, undefeated on the road and the fact that he's averaging 24 8 and 7.5 at this juncture of his career and hasn't taken his foot off the gas, Still wanting to prove he's the best player in the world.

  • I think it speaks volumes about how LeBron is going to attack this season on the way.

  • Yeah, he always has something to prove, but so does the honest.

  • I mean, obviously he wants a championship.

  • But he wouldn't be mad at a three peat, though.

  • Jalen, what would he have to do to walk away with the award three years in a row?

  • And these are vastly different candidates.

  • And Yannis would have to do something that has never been done in league history.

  • Like put up 35 15 and, like five like he would have to go crazy with a couple of blocks and a couple of steals, and they've had the best record a couple of years that he wanted.

  • So that means voters get fatigued.

  • Luca is gonna be a better story.

  • They were six seed last year.

  • He became a top 10 player.

  • Pausing is gonna have a lot to do with whether he's actually ableto win it, because to me, Luca's gonna have to put his team within the top four.

  • At least of the Western Conference.

  • Teams are gonna be separated by one or two games.

  • But they at least gotta be amongst those top teams.

  • And Jay brought in LeBron James.

  • I just wanna acknowledge two more candidates.

  • One is international.

  • Can the Joker gets, um, Love Maria, you're getting right now.

  • E spinning baseline.

  • Whoa!

  • Duncan backwards.

  • He's balling for the Nuggets and I got his dark horse for you, Kevin Durant.

  • Then they just add James Harden to go with Kyrie.

  • Irving, isn't he coming back from an Achilles injury?

  • We love a great story.

  • And now we got something to watch on league pass every night Eastern Standard time.

  • So don't sleep on the Slim Reaper in this conversation.

  • E Thanks for watching ESPN on YouTube for live streaming sports and premium content.

welcoming back in woes.

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