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  • and you see him right here.

  • We got Ryan Clark, Ryan, We're on TV.

  • Marcus Spears and meaning time.

  • So much more coming from them.

  • But listen to this guy's.

  • About a half hour ago, DeShaun Watson tweeted this he said I was on to than I took it to 10.

  • Everyone trying to decipher what this might mean.

  • This come in.

  • Three days after the former All Pro Texan Andre Johnson said Watson should stand his ground with the team field Yates Joining us is well on this Friday on NFL Live.

  • So tell us what's going on here.

  • Feel?

  • Give us the context.

  • But what does Shawn's tweet might mean?

  • Well, Laura, it's impossible not to think that DeShaun Watson's tweet might be a reference to what Adams reported about a week ago, which was in describing to Sean Watson's anger level following the DeAndre Hopkins trade.

  • It was a tooth this off season.

  • It was approaching a 10.

  • Now does Sean was quick toe follow up on the tweet that you just referenced noticing, noting that it's a reference, a lyric from a future song, which might come as a surprise to nobody on this show that I'm not an expert on all things future rap lyrics, but it's hard not to think that to Sean Watson's Tweet was not intentional.

  • This is not just some coincidence and underscores the point that although we still have eight teams left in the 2020 NFL season, one of these stories of the next few months is going to be how the Texans repair their relationship with the Shawn Watson.

  • And until that happens, you know what's gonna happen on Twitter.

  • Ah, bunch of Jersey swaps and trade proposals and fans from other fans from other bases saying to themselves, We could have to Shawn Watson.

  • Alright, more from filled Yates coming in the show, especially with a lot of news around the coaching search and hiring world.

  • But you know what?

  • Ryan Clark?

  • When I tweet out future lyrics, it's usually with a purpose What is going on here with Sean from your perspective?

  • Well, you know what?

  • Sometimes music is the soundtrack of our lives, and that's all the Sean is saying.

  • You know what future even read the future?

  • This is what I was gonna feel.

  • This is why he wrote the song.

  • This song is for me.

  • This song is for me to tell you that last year when you did it last year when you didn't consult me when you gave away my number one option, I was hot.

  • But I understood it.

  • I thought maybe it might be business this year.

  • Cal McNair.

  • When you come to me and you lie to me and tell me that I'm gonna be a part of the decision making process, I'm gonna be someone that you lean on.

  • I'll understand every step as it goes along.

  • And then you don't do that when you go away from the firm that you paid hundreds of thousands of dollars to locate or toe identify to minority GM and to minority candidates for that position.

  • And you move away from that when you do all those things now on that tin right, I would be in 11 if that was the scale that it was on the Shawn Watson wants out and he could be a script IQ as he wants.

  • He can use as many future references as he wants.

  • He can even go back to Jeezy.

  • When Jeezy said I was on to, she was on 10 I was on and she was on him.

  • Y'all don't know about that one, but that's another Atlanta rapper he could do with everyone.

  • Either way, it all means the same thing do.

  • Shawn Watson is fed up with the Houston Texans, and he doesn't wanna be there.

  • And there's a lot of teams that should be on the phone calling and saying Yo, you up because I'm trying to see what the show I want to do.

  • There's a line in the Forest Gump movie saying That's all I got to say about that.

  • So if I could add anything to what RC just said, I would.

  • But there's not a damn thing come into my brain that's gonna give you anything different than that analysis that RC just gave.

  • So hopefully Meena with her Yale Ivy League brain, can spend this in another direction because this gangster from South Bend Rouge, Louisiana, don't have nothing outside of what RC saying for y'all the show.

  • I want to get the hell out of there.

  • I'm gonna just re interrupt this.

  • Don't what RC just said.

  • I've been racking my mind for the last, like, three minutes for a future reference toe work in.

  • I guess he wants all the smoke.

  • I don't know.

  • E question now is not whether or not John wants out, it's whether he could force his way out because this is very unusual.

  • Not wanting A are holding out or wanting to leave.

  • But a quarterback in the prime of his career, one of the five best quarterbacks in the NFL trying to force his way out.

  • Um, Thio my eye.

  • He can, because in order to get out of, you know, to force your way out of franchise, you gotta be willing to do two things.

  • Sit out, which means you lose a lot of money on you.

  • Got already have a lot of money so that you're willing to do that.

  • And to Shawn Watson has already made about $40 million.

  • I think the last example, uh, that's similar.

  • It would be Carson Palmer in Cincinnati.

  • He also had made a lot of money.

  • As you guys remember, he made no secret of the fact that he wanted out.

  • They denied, denied, denied and then they gave in.

  • DeShaun Watson also has a no trade clause in his contract, which means not only that he can force his way out.

  • If he's willing.

  • Thio absorb the financial hit but that he can choose his destination.

  • So I'm Houston right now.

  • I'm very nervous about the level of intensity and the way, and this has all been ratchet it up.

  • Although, as we've discussed repeatedly on this show, it's Houston swell.

  • Yeah, you know, when they go ahead, go ahead.

  • Marcus Lord Houston, Laura RC Day And I mean RCMP.

  • No Houston going through hell with these superstars way saw James Harden say I'm out all right.

  • Yeah, I don't know what's going on there in Houston E.

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and you see him right here.

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