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  • a boy from Nigeria sets a soccer world record.

  • The EU approved sales of its first artificial heart.

  • Aunt Animals are rescued after record snowfall in Spain from a week of news.

  • Some happy highlights to make you smile this ai powered dog collar Comptel pet owners if their dogs are happy, relaxed, anxious, angry or sad.

  • South Korea's pet poll slab collected 10,000 box from 50 breeds.

  • The small collar costs $99 and a large one costs 108 pepper's Give a dog voice that human can understand.

  • With this device, we humans can understand and communicate better, more accurately, more effectively When dog barks, uh, dogs barking sound will be collected through this device, and then those voice files will be transferred to our main server.

  • And in this main server, our peppers unique voice recognition system and algorithm will analyze dogs voice, and then, in their time, it was sent back toe our application with a different emotional status.

  • After historic snowfall across Spain, emergency services launched rescue missions for stranded animals left with no food.

  • Drone footage shows a helicopter delivering bales of hay for cattle in the outskirts of Madrid and Civil Guard members rescuing a horse in the north of the country.

  • Shannon's Oichi from Nigeria set a world record for the most consecutive soccer ball touches in one minute while balancing a second ball on his head.

  • 12 year old, who has become an online sensation, says he's planning to take his skills global when he grows up.

  • My dream is to become a few Ebola international Fiscella travel all over the world.

  • Before my friends was costing me love, not me.

  • But when I break a record, my friends said, they want to be like me.

  • This is my number action This artificial heart will soon be available to buy.

  • After a long awaited European Commission approval this week, French company Combat manufactures the device, which is designed to replace the rial hot for years.

a boy from Nigeria sets a soccer world record.

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