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  • back to the n B A and the new the latest Big Three.

  • It's in the Big Apple.

  • So of these three, who's the go to guy at crunch time?

  • Who would you want to have?

  • The ball?

  • Who gets the play called for them while second spectrum since they started tracking at the start of the 14 season hardened Kyrie and Katie rank in the top eight and ISOS in clutched to find us the last five and the scores within five points.

  • Durant's 1.19 points per possession on those places, actually, the among the trio.

  • So you're welcome.

  • That should be your answer.

  • Reaction around the league as this news broke yesterday and today, beginning with the two time defending M v P.

  • Yanis.

  • It's amazing movie.

  • Brooklyn, obviously are.

  • They got better way better, you know, and they really powerhouse, right?

  • Nine days, having K j heart failure, uh, together in one scene?

  • No, that's that stuff.

  • Obviously, tracing things happen every year and, you know, for me, you know my main focus on what we do here.

  • How we continue to get better.

  • Um, that was the case today, you know?

  • You know the trace happened today and I couldn't allow myself to kind of indulging that, knowing that we had a team that we had to play tonight.

  • So what?

  • My focus today was on the thunder.

  • Eric, Is there a sense of relief that the limbo is now over?

  • Well, the only thing is, now we have a way have more direction on what is even more at this point, that's that's all that is.

  • ESPN NBA reporter Brian Wynne Horse joins me Now Live and Brian.

  • It looked like this deal came down to the wire, really between hardened going either toe Philadelphia or where he ended up in Brooklyn.

  • What more can you tell us about what happened behind the scenes that led to the Nets?

  • Ultimately winning out?

  • Yes.

  • A.

  • This is a question that has been asked around the league for the last 24 hours.

  • Is if Ben Simmons was on the table, which all all signs point to him actually being available in trade on all MBA player under five year contract 22 years old.

  • Why would Houston not take the sure thing and instead go with the draft picks from Brooklyn and the scar tissue that exists between the Rockets organization and Philadelphia President Daryl Morey is something that cannot be ignored here and Onley Tilman Fertitta and Rafael Stone.

  • The people execute the trade and used to know that.

  • But it is surprising that they would go that direction.

  • And the against the unknown picks other things.

  • Sage, the two young players that Brooklyn gave up in this trade.

  • Caris, Levert and Jared Allen.

  • Neither of neither of them stayed in Houston.

  • They were both rerouted elsewhere, which indicated this was a trade that saved money as well.

  • Wow, incredible.

  • A lot of people talking about that for very good reason.

  • The key player heading to the Rockets now then in that 14 deal is Victor Oladipo, who is eligible for free agency at the end of the season.

  • This expiring contracts.

  • So what is his long term outlook in Houston?

  • Brian?

  • Yes.

  • So he has made it clear to the to the to the Pacers that he is looking for big money in this offseason, hoping to have a big year.

  • And if the if the Rockets are indeed watching their payroll, which there other moves imply, it's not on the real possibility of teams.

  • Other teams are expecting Victor Oladipo, potentially to be available in trade again this year.

  • Um, a couple of teams to keep an eye out for the Dallas Mavericks and the Miami Heat or two teams that were expected to pursue Oladipo in free agency.

  • They couldn't maybe make a deal with Pacers.

  • Maybe now they could make a deal with the Rockets.

  • Also keep in eye on P.

  • J.

  • Tucker.

  • Ah possibility to be traded.

  • I don't think the Rockets are done shopping players to get off salary and also to get draft picks and and for a lady, but one final note.

  • I mean, it's good of a player as he has proven to be.

  • This is now his third team in just the last five seasons.

  • So interesting as he continues, Remember he had the injury a couple years ago is well, so we'll see if he actually ends up staying in Houston.

  • Thanks for watching ESPN on YouTube for live streaming sports and premium content.

back to the n B A and the new the latest Big Three.

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