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  • Jay, This is your sport.

  • You're our lead N b a guy.

  • This is the lead story off the season to this point.

  • Tell me what you think.

  • I got a text 1:13 a.m. And it was a quote.

  • And the quote said Hate is a great burden to bear.

  • It injures the hater more than it injures the hated.

  • Now that's from a little birdie.

  • That's the mentality key.

  • This is the most polarizing team in NBA history.

  • Think about it on the same team we got burner accounts, honey buns, and the earth is flat on the same team.

  • Okay, and here's the thing.

  • Like, say hello to your new villain.

  • This is the new villain of the MBA.

  • And the reason why they're the new villain of the MBA is because people do not want this to be the formula for success.

  • They do not want it.

  • You bully your employer by any means necessary.

  • Told you, though, Jay, by being unprofessional.

  • I know we talked about it by being unprofessional.

  • Whatever it is being overweight and you find a way to get rewarded, get rewarded, real talky.

  • We always give you real talk.

  • Get rewarded to then get put on a championship team that if I bring you back to the off season the inception point is when these dudes were born in that lay together Kyrie k d James, people are watching it, like, damn y'all, y'all just rolling.

  • And that's when it happened.

  • It zero, we're gonna make this happen.

  • And they made it happen.

  • No, but but it's so funny because we were having these conversations.

  • I kept telling you, I'm like, man, where do gonna shoot his way out of There you go.

  • Come in.

  • You're like, man, he's professional.

  • He gonna play basketball.

  • Said watch you watch that dude blew up.

  • Yeah, like you said, Honey buns, lemon pepper wings.

  • You know, uh, grown up adult beverages.

  • Whatever the case may be, I don't wanna be here.

  • I'm turning down 100 million bucks.

  • I don't care.

  • This is not working.

  • I want to go to a situation that fits for me and my family and and it works in Brooklyn.

  • This is where I wanna be.

  • And so in the end, they got it done in Philadelphia, was trying to get it done, and I think Brooklyn also knew that Philadelphia was gonna try to get a ZMA.

  • Much as we might think.

  • Houston didn't wanna make that trade to Philly because of the relationship that there are morally may have left a bad taste in their mouth.

  • In the end, Brooklyn had more assets to give in.

  • The deal was cleaner.

  • Then it would have been in Philadelphia, so they got their man in Brooklyn.

  • Now all the pressure is going to be on the nets to deliver.

  • And I'll say this kid just to be a narrative to what you just dropped.

  • I don't think the Brooklyn Nets would have done this deal if Spencer did what he did in terror.

  • His A c l If Spencer Dinwiddie care subvert that young core gives you so much more depth off the bench with your bigs with k d with Kyrie.

  • If Kyrie doesn't go through this whirlwind of a tornado that he's going through right now, I think the Brooklyn Nets probably hold firm.

  • But with Spencer Dinwiddie being out for an extended period of time with not knowing how many bodies you're gonna be able tohave with the way the pandemic is dropping and all the the you know, Cove it tracing.

  • That's happening right now that's occurring in the league.

  • They needed to make this move.

  • It kind of forced their hand.

  • Plus, I don't know how Ben Simmons overall fits with John Wall and boogie cousins in Houston.

  • Now them getting Victor Oladipo is a way better core for Houston.

  • Moving forward.

  • What I what I heard from my little birdies that's out in the streets is that James Harden was gonna veto any other trade with any other team other than Philly or or Brooklyn.

  • Um, you know, if they try to trade him somewhere else, you just like, I don't wanna play.

  • And you know how that goes.

  • Nobody's gonna trade for an asset that they ah, player that they can have and make him happy.

  • Why would I?

  • Why would I give up all my assets for a guy that's going not necessarily be disgruntled, but not going to conform to what we're trying to do?

  • Like if you trade, if you decided to trade him too, Okay.

  • See, he's not he like, man, I'm not.

  • I'll stay home now.

  • Okay?

  • She's like, Well, so you know, it's kind of it fell perfect for him on now.

  • Zooming, I'll tell you.

  • Welcome to the new bad boys of the 21st century, right?

  • Like I'm not saying they're gonna play the same style about the second Bad boys play with Jay.

  • We said the bad boys, I would say who on that team is rough?

  • I'm just saying, with how much we're going to talk about every single move, how they're going to treat it right when you go through the scenario and having direct conversations with multiple people on this team when you say, Hey, what's going on with Kyrie and the mentality that you received back from people is it is what it is, blanket like.

  • That's how they're gonna ride out.

  • Szubin, Thank you for watching ESPN on YouTube for live streaming sports and premium content.

Jay, This is your sport.

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