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  • de would every single week We seem to change the name of your segment.

  • This is not on wood dammit!

  • Taking them to the wood shed Crazy.

  • How is that possible?

  • Firewood?

  • Your soul is mine.

  • This weekend is the woodpile chopped wood excuse may sour.

  • Would the lights shine?

  • Brightest, of course in Hollywood is would fire turkey.

  • Damian.

  • What?

  • He's gonna call somewhat turkey.

  • Perfect distillation of how stupid TV is.

  • And I love it things Week This week we are calling the feature.

  • What would would do?

  • And yes, we know the first would should be spelled differently.

  • Can I tell if you want a In a moment of just total transparency?

  • We spent so much time in the meeting this morning discussing whether we should spell that W 00 d or W Ould.

  • I can't imagine all the things we could otherwise have accomplished.

  • That's it.

  • D would this week.

  • What would would do?

  • Yeah, Greeny.

  • Well, I'm gonna go with the Pittsburgh Steelers right here.

  • And what we what we saw from the Pittsburgh Steelers is overall decline in there.

  • What we call their their physical identity.

  • We've known the Pittsburgh Steelers throughout the years to be.

  • This this physical bunch of guys on the defense side of football is blitz Berg on the office.

  • Inside the football, this team has lost his way as far as its physical identity.

  • Yes, they've been able Thio produce a bunch of wide receivers.

  • Yes, Big Bend over his career has been a magician in the pocket, but we've clearly seen what Father time has done The Big Ben.

  • Big Ben cannot move around anymore in the pocket like he used to and where the Pittsburgh still have declined the most is up front with their officer line.

  • Mike Munchak, their former office line coach.

  • He's moved on to the Denver Broncos when he departed.

  • I think part of the Pittsburgh Steelers departed as well, because clearly you could see all year long for the Pittsburgh Steelers.

  • Ah, decline in physicality.

  • And it.

  • It's been rearing its ugly head the whole season, particularly down the stretch, and it ultimately cost them or early exit in the playoffs.

  • They need to somehow reinvent or find that physicality, or they're going to find themselves in a similar similar position for years.

  • Moving forward.

  • I like it and to summarize again.

  • What would would do you would run the football, which is not a surprise from an offensive lineman and whether it was because they couldn't or they just didn't try.

  • They didn't run the ball at all when their season started to get away from them this year, Dominique.

  • And so I think that's right.

  • Do you feel like we have sort of seeing the end off this little iteration off Pittsburgh Steelers football with Ben and and all the things they've been doing?

  • Do they need to start over?

  • Yeah, it feels like it, but that's not the way that they do things, which I kind of respect.

  • Last year, they had an opportunity to rebuild because Ben got injured.

  • It was early in the season.

  • They could have held onto that first round pick and possibly picked up a quarterback.

  • And I'm last year's draft.

  • They didn't.

  • They traded that away and they showed the commitment to their team that they wanna win at all costs.

  • I'm not sure that was the right choice, but that seems to be part of what has built the culture of toughness that they have in Pittsburgh is they always believe they can win.

  • They can always kind of lean into that idea.

  • So it's hard for me to believe that this one season suddenly they got soft.

  • So maybe it appears like they haven't been playing tough, and they've been S o F Capital t all season.

  • It may be true, but I don't believe that all the history of the Steelers that we know in the culture of the Steelers in the identity of the Steelers is not gonna come back.

  • It's not just gonna be gone, although Ben Roethlisberger's money suggest that he's gonna be gone pretty soon.

  • He's gonna have to redo his deal if he's gonna come back.

  • Cats right now, over $41 million against the cap next year.

  • Quickly.

  • What are some realistic changes we should be expecting to see in Pittsburgh?

  • Look, they're going to have to do something about the offensive line because it didn't play well and you talk to people there and that's that was their main problem all year, but they have a lot of work to their free agents, but Dupri, juju, Smith, Schuster, number of guys and young guys like T.

  • J.

  • Watt, Mickey Fitzpatrick are going to need contract extensions.

  • Pretty soon it's It's a big project.

  • They have to keep that team.

  • Look, Dominic's right there.

  • Down here is 88 right?

  • So they don't They don't go through rebuilding, right, But they're gonna have to figure out a lot in order to keep that going.

  • They've never had a losing season under Tomlin.

  • I'll say it.

  • What would would do was pretty good.

  • Do you?

  • Would I think we like it.

  • I think we have ourselves a winner in this week.

  • Wood based puns.

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de would every single week We seem to change the name of your segment.

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