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  • Oh, Oh, What are they doing?

  • And why is he screaming?

  • What a R a B Arab!

  • It's a word that describes a group off people us.

  • Unfortunately, the media only shows the bad side the different side.

  • For example, this'll video on YouTube with one million views.

  • Ah, bunch of people screaming in the desert with swords s.

  • That's what comes to mind.

  • That's what the media shows that is people's perceptions off Arabs.

  • But what is the reality?

  • To answer that question?

  • Steve and I are flying to see that tribe in person.

  • Turns out they live in the mountains off the Emirates, Onley a short flight away way blue over the mountains and landed here.

  • Hold on.

  • Ready?

  • I'm already set at all time.

  • I just need somebody say Go way drove and drove and drove until way arrive here.

  • It's crazy on Lee to be greeted with who?

  • Whoa!

  • The way things.

  • Al Shaykh tribe that lives in the mountains and these are my brothers.

  • Welcome.

  • Now what you just saw is a very old tradition.

  • They used the screaming, the weapons.

  • Three.

  • Yale's as a battle cry.

  • They used it to intimidate the enemy.

  • That's what it was used for, and that's what they're keeping alive in this culture.

  • These are very old tribal traditions, but don't let the old traditions confuse the image about Arabs.

  • Now in 2020 this tribe is as modern as it gets.

  • They live in beautiful houses by the mountainside.

  • They drive very nice cars.

  • They have very normal day jobs.

  • And, you know, some of them are skipping meat to become vegetarian.

  • Cerojano.

  • Michael, Huh?

  • Nobody.

  • Now this screaming is used for wedding ceremonies like the one we did for Steve and the tribal.

  • Dancing is a sign off brotherhood and unity.

  • My Arab brothers have sold.

  • They have sold.

  • They got rhythm.

  • They like it.

  • It moves with them.

  • Eyes for the beat.

  • The music is in their soul.

  • You know, this'll is a beautiful experience that we think everyone should come and see.

  • No one is shooting anything.

  • Everyone is friendly and everyone is happy on that.

  • My friends is the point of this video because what you may think of as Arabs as scary.

  • It's not true.

  • We are very much the same.

  • We are peace loving, happiness, seeking success seeking people.

  • And that's what this video is all about to show you what I've come to learn for myself.

  • That this is a wonderful place and you should come see it for yourself.

  • People are people and they're just like us, but with slightly different beliefs, slightly different looks, slightly different traditions.

  • But deep down inside, they're all the same.

  • This isn't just Arabs.

  • This is all cultures and races off the world.

  • It is time we appreciate the different and celebrate it.

Oh, Oh, What are they doing?

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Why Arabs Scream

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