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  • We always talk about coaches going back to their alma mater's.

  • We talk about coaches, maybe getting jobs because of who they were and they didn't have the experience.

  • How successful could they really be?

  • There's one dude out there that has bucked this trend in a huge way.

  • He was one of the most legendary players at his school, and people said, Well, you know, maybe that's why they gave him the job doesn't have a ton of experience, especially at the college level.

  • But Jawan Howard of the University of Michigan has turned into an outstanding head coach.

  • Of course, if you're old enough to remember Howard, a member of the legendary Fab Five, he went 19 and 12 in his first year, which is pretty darn good, considering the Big 10 has essentially been college basketball's best conference year in and year out from a top to bottom basis for a long time.

  • He rolls in at 19 and 12.

  • This year, they are the best team in the best conference hands down in America.

  • Michigan is 11, and no, they said Iowa would win the conference.

  • They said Illinois would win the conference.

  • Nobody has been able to defeat the University of Michigan.

  • And this is where J.

  • I know you're a big college basketball guy, and there's always been talk about who's gonna replace Coach K.

  • Will it be a, Ah, former player?

  • Who will it be?

  • The Big 10 doesn't release an actual preseason poll.

  • I don't know why they don't do that like everybody else does.

  • They've been unofficial.

  • Poll.

  • A couple riders get together.

  • This was the unofficial Big 10 poll before the season started.

  • One.

  • Illinois to Iowa.

  • Three.

  • Wisconsin four.

  • Michigan State Still waiting for Michigan.

  • Five.

  • Rutgers six.

  • Michigan.

  • They were selected sixth in the preseason poll.

  • J.

  • This is a legend that has come home, and, more importantly, he has actually brought a fractured Fab Five unit together.

  • And he is performing at a level that I don't think anybody would have thought in year number two.

  • You know, from a recruiting perspective, he's been able to bring in a couple of good classes as well, and I think the way that he's had Hunter Dickinson play a seven footer can average, you know, e thinks like 17.5 points per game, close to double digit rebounds Mike Smith the way he's been at the point guard spot, facilitating Isaiah Livers has taken a leap.

  • He's done a tremendous job, and that was it was interesting because when he got the job, Ah, lot of people didn't know if he could actually sustain the type of success that they were having at that organization, and he's exceeded that I got.

  • I think the year he's having this year will really put the stamp in the ground for him being there for long term.

  • If he chooses to me, he's done a tremendous job.

  • You could see it.

  • You could see it last year, right?

  • You could kind of see when he was passed over for MBA jobs that that the college game would fit perfect for him.

  • And you can't argue what they're doing.

  • And he hasn't even gotten his prize recruits.

  • Imagine when he started getting the J Wills of the world coming out of New Jersey instead of instead of going to Duke's.

  • And you could go into New Jersey and recruit those type of guys or go to other cities and recruit those top players to come to your school because he hasn't even gotten here yet.

  • That's a great point.

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We always talk about coaches going back to their alma mater's.

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Juwan Howard has turned his alma mater, Michigan, into a top-tier basketball team | KJZ

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