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  • how the current mayor is raising your taxes to fund his incompetence and his wasted spending.

  • And you'll see this headline here, which was posted less than a week ago, and I'll read it out to you.

  • Sadiq Khan reveals his biggest ever hike of council tax share at nearly 10%.

  • Let me read this, The article goes on to say quote.

  • Sidique Khan today revealed plans to hike his share of council tax by almost 10%.

  • The biggest increase in his time has mayor, and it goes on to say quote.

  • It means that many London households face a total hike of £100 orm, or once their local borough council increase is likely to be 5% is also included.

  • Think about that 10% increase in council taxes when the economy is shrinking by 10% and we're in our greatest recession and over 300 years.

  • I don't know many people that have an extra £100 that they could just splash out in taxes the way the current mayor splashes out a million pounds here and a million pounds for luxury fights and ah, million pounds for a fireworks display and ah, million pounds for his PR.

  • That's what the London mayor does.

  • Well, we don't have that money to spend.

  • So no, thank you.

  • We don't have that money, and it's not okay to increase our council rates.

  • And here's another headline from The Evening Standard, and I'll read it out for you here.

  • Quote.

  • Sadiq Khan plans to increase his share of your council tax again, and everyone's reporting on this and and here's another headline as well, and I'll read it out for you as well.

  • London Tube and bus fares to rise by more than inflation.

  • And let's talk about that right now.

  • First of all, back in 2016, your current mayor of London campaigned on the promise to freeze your affairs.

  • And yet now he's raising your affairs by more than inflation.

  • How does that even make sense again in the greatest recession in over 300 years?

  • He's breaking his promises.

  • He's raising your fares.

  • He's raising them by mawr than inflation.

  • And the truth is, there is even Mawr to come, as you can see from this next headline by the Telegraph and I'll read it out for you now.

  • Sadiq Khan forced height congestion charge as a condition of the government bailout.

  • And again I'll read off to what he said here.

  • And it says I quote the £15 congestion charge, which was increased quote unquote temporarily.

  • We all remember that from £11.50 last June and then extended into the evenings and the weekends, Can you imagine will now remain in force until at least October.

  • City Hall is saying October.

  • Now, how long is this gonna last?

  • Increased now, two weekends now to 24 7 now to October.

  • And again, this is a regressive charge, Which means this the current mayor of London is hurting lower income residents worse than anyone else.

  • He is hurting you worse than else.

  • And it goes on to say quote.

  • Mr.

  • Khan is previously admitted concerns that the regressive council tax hits lower income houses, households hardest.

  • You know what?

  • Admitting concerns doesn't pay the bills, Mr.

  • Mayor, it doesn't pay the bills, so it doesn't help us when you come out and you say you were forced to do things, it doesn't come out when you blame the Prime Minister.

  • It doesn't help when you admit concerns that it hits us in our savings accounts.

  • What it what it helps is when you don't do these things to us on.

  • That's what we're calling out.

  • But it gets even worse and you could see this by the next headline, and I'll read it out to you.

  • Sadiq Khan is set to introduce new London road charges in 2021 raising prices for million's, and I'll read out what this article says.

  • Transport for London has confirmed that the current EULEX that's the ultra low emission extension zone will expand from October, which will push thousands of residents into pain.

  • The heavy charges mawr taxes from your mayor.

  • It goes on to say quote.

  • The new plans will expand the charge to a larger zone, which will then be bounced by the North Circular and the South Circular road.

  • So again, even a bigger zone, the new scheme will charge drivers £12.50 per day.

  • Do you have that money per day?

  • Even in the outer London areas previously unaffected by any of these charges?

  • This is really money, and it's going to hit us all when a lot of us don't have jobs are savings air going down and we see no, no end in sight.

  • And the future looks bleak and all the time that the mayor is spending that money and causing these institutions to go bankrupt, he's now asking you to pay the bills as taxpayer.

  • I personally find this unacceptable to raise your taxes, and we need to hold him to account right now.

how the current mayor is raising your taxes to fund his incompetence and his wasted spending.

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RAISING TAXES ?: Why The Mayor Of London Is Raising Taxes To Fund His Incompetence - Brian Rose

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