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  • I'm because the elections air coming.

  • I'm tweeting to encouraging people to vote in India.

  • I'm saying in India, So as a process of that, I say democracy is about all of us getting together and creating a wonderful nation.

  • This is not about pointing fingers at each other.

  • Oh, there's a whole barrage off comments saying What does he know about democracy?

  • Democracy is about criticizing the government.

  • Graham ocrates about pointing fingers, democracies about pointing out the mistakes.

  • So some very left leaning media came to me and asked me this question.

  • I said, Do one thing.

  • You married, right?

  • You go home today from morning to evening, you'll be all right in the evening just for two hours.

  • Criticized your wife for all the small, small things about which is not okay If you pay enough attention, she's not okay in many things, as every human being is, you criticize her 22 hours.

  • You appreciate her.

  • You enjoy her.

  • But two hours you criticize her every day.

  • Believe me, in 30 days, your marriage will go.

  • Is that sort?

  • No.

  • Said yes.

  • Then why do you think you have to do this to the government once people elect next five years.

  • You support them in every possible way.

  • You bolster them.

  • They're doing something wrong, of course.

  • But some day they get elected.

  • If you start criticizing, what are they supposed to do?

  • At least wait for them to make some mistakes?

  • So about being Republican Democrat, this American culture is unfortunately spreading to other countries.

  • Also just I mean, when I first came to United States, it's always amazed me.

  • How are you?

  • Republican or Democrat?

  • By birth?

  • This is feudalism.

  • This is not democracy.

  • Democracy means whatever happened in the last four years.

  • You look at it.

  • What they have done is good for you.

  • Good for the nation in which you live are not on.

  • Then make up your mind.

  • Who should rule for the next four years or five years or whatever the term miss now?

  • No.

  • By birth you have decided because my father was a Democrat, my grandfather was a Republican.

  • Accordingly, I've decided this is feudalism.

  • Where is democracy?

  • This is like another religion.

  • You destroy democracy.

  • Democracy has something called a secret ballot.

  • That means who you vote.

  • Even your family need not know whom you wrote it all right.

  • But now you already declared from birth.

  • I'm going to vote only for this party, no matter what they do.

  • This is just a feudalism.

  • I think the you know, the 18 19 hundreds.

  • The feuds off Middle America have gotten to the whole of America.

  • Now America needs to rethink if they want democracy.

  • I'm I'm suggesting this in India, and none of the political parties will like it.

  • I said one thing is political party should not have membership.

  • They can have office bearers, whatever number of people they want as people who work for them.

  • But there should be no national membership where millions of people are enrolled as members because then it's already decided who they're going to vote for.

  • It's important that every election, every citizen thinks whether this is good for me and my nation or not, and according to their own intelligence, they will think, and they will vote otherwise.

  • There's no democratic process.

  • So I'm I'm pitching for this, that political parties must surrender their this thing.

  • This should go that there should be no membership because you just formed a new religion.

  • Uh, can't mhm e.

I'm because the elections air coming.

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GETTING PEOPLE TO VOTE ?: Why I Encourage People To Vote In The Elections - Sadhguru

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