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  • meat exporters say new customs systems post Brexit are not fit for purpose.

  • Perishable goods are being delayed for hours, sometimes days, because of extra customs checks and additional paperwork.

  • The new border rules were introduced two weeks ago at the end of the Brexit transition period.

  • The UK exports £15 billion worth of food and drink to the U every year.

  • A third of it is perishable meat, fish and fresh produce.

  • The trade body says meat exports to the EU are currently at 25% of their normal volumes for this time of year, Our business editor, Simon Jack's report begins at a meat processing factory in structure UK.

  • Lamb is highly prized.

  • This Shropshire based abattoir, 70% gets exported to the EU.

  • It's an export driven success story, but the well oiled machine that gets it there has a new spanner in it.

  • Paperwork that used to take 15 minutes is now taking hours and also requires vet certificates not needed.

  • Before.

  • We've been having sleepless nights.

  • We've been taking calls from the whole years from the agents early hours of the morning.

  • It has been a huge, steep learning curve.

  • Onda, we see some of these problems will remain even once we got to the new normal level for fresh quality product trading on a daily basis.

  • This system is not fit for purpose and it needs to be looked at urgently.

  • Riz lands products are still getting through but delays a shortening shelf life, making his customers frustrated and forcing them to consider other options.

  • I feel very upset about discretion.

  • We're thinking toe by some plants in the In Spain, we have some off our competitors, a lthough there, lambs in island instead off instead of UK.

  • Between the seller and the buyer are the hauliers.

  • No one is feeling more frustrated than Pete White Way traveled all over Western Europe every single week on.

  • But last week for May was toe probably the worst, most difficult week I've under this job in in 20 years we have lost hundreds of hours 100 dozens of days already with our trucks that are waiting unnecessarily behind us here we're looking at the new border control post.

  • The customs have set up near the mouth of the Eurotunnel in Kent.

  • Customs expert Stephen Cock says problems on the way out.

  • I mean problems on the way in.

  • We have a situation where border forces car park is full, the roads air heavily congested.

  • They're turning Lorries back now, exports grinding to a halt.

  • At the moment, if you've got a lorry that is going to get stuck on its way out, then if you're the whole year, why would you want to bring it in in the first place?

  • So it will snarl everything up, import and export?

  • It has been a pretty miserable time for hall years for their drivers and for their commercial customers.

  • And remember the problems we've seen at a time when the port operating at a fraction of their normal volume, those volumes are expected to increase well, let's hope that any potential chaos will be short lived.

  • It seems clear that additional cost additional complexity on trading with our biggest trading partner are here to stay.

  • After decades of friction free trade, there was bound to be disruption.

  • The government says it's working hard with business to get to what it describes as a new normal in cross channel trade.

meat exporters say new customs systems post Brexit are not fit for purpose.

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UK meat exports delayed for days due to new Brexit customs rules - BBC News

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