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  • Where do you think you rank among the MBA's?

  • Both players right now.

  • E feel like I'm the best player.

  • James Clutch.

  • He's adorable.

  • Faction for three got it hard again.

  • Another three Mary Beard strikes again.

  • By the time James Harden was winning sixth Man of the Year in 2012 with the thunder, the beard had become a brain stretching out beyond his chin and overtaking the distinguishing elements of his lower face.

  • He was just the beer.

  • He had a chemistry.

  • My role was to come off the bench, and that was for the better of the team.

  • He was the perfect counterweight to his star Thunder teammates, the bridge between Kevin Durant and Russell Westbrook.

  • With the three, it appeared the road through the Western Conference would have to stop in O K C for years to come.

  • Sampras He called me and he just said that, you know, Sorry, we love you, but, you know, we faded you to the Houston Rockets.

  • That was very, very sad night.

  • It's the kind of trade that has become something of legend.

  • The harden trade branching, endless.

  • What ifs about a lost under dynasty.

  • We have big plans that we were gonna win a championship for years, find equipment.

  • Instantly, Harden validated his star power first game.

  • I had 37 points and 12 assists.

  • Next time I had 45 points.

  • Those two games gave me that confidence.

  • That was gonna be all right.

  • I was gonna be good at this point.

  • It looked like his beard had grown a beard.

  • He started the process of breaking basketball, pushing isolation offense to its limits, drawing fouls and shooting volume threes.

  • He stockpiled scoring titles, winning the last three along with an M V P.

  • In 2018, he took the Rockets to the brink twice to the Western Conference finals and a Game seven home loss away from the finals in 2018.

  • We had opportunities.

  • We just didn't have that extra juice that we needed.

  • I think it's been clear that the Rockets there many attempts to find a partner in crime for James Harden, like that time has expired.

  • Unfortunately, he had star teammates from Dwight to CP three to Russ, each partnership running its course.

  • Theo End of the Hard Nera in Houston brings reflection on those close calls on high profile failures.

  • But It was also the evolution of a quirky, crafty, unconventional score into an offensive savant hardens approach was debated and discussed is relentless pursuit of the next bucket at all costs polarizing.

  • It's not fun to watch a guy dribble the ball between seconds, and he still takes a shot.

  • This is not good basketball.

  • Eventually, time ran out on finding the next lever to pull on.

  • Now Harden is moving on.

  • But one thing's for sure.

  • The beard ain't going anywhere.

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Where do you think you rank among the MBA's?

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What will James Harden’s legacy be with the Houston Rockets? | SportsCenter

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