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  • If you've ever been to an amusement park before, then you've probably ridden on a roller coaster.

  • Roller coasters are fun and a good way to experience

  • what feels like a near-death experience without actually having to die in the process.

  • But one man named Julijonas Urbonas decided that he wanted to change all of that.

  • Eight years ago in 2010, he designed this monstrosity

  • and affectionately named it the Euthanasia Coaster.

  • If you've ever played a Rollercoaster Tycoon game and designed a ride to fail and blow up on purpose, then this is kind of like the real-life version of that.

  • To start things off the train on the ride is capable of loading 24 passengers on board.

  • Once that's been done the train would ascend a steep lift to a crazy height of 510 meters in the sky.

  • To put that into perspective,

  • the tallest rollercoaster ever built so far is the King Da Ka in Six Flags Great Adventure in New Jersey and, that's only 139 meters tall.

  • The Euthanasia Coaster would be well over

  • three times taller than even that, which is just a little bit shorter than the One World Trade Center in New York City,

  • the tallest building in the United States.

  • It would take the train going up the lift a full two minutes to reach the top, which would give the riders time to contemplate their decision of getting on the thing.

  • Seeing the surface and buildings below get smaller and smaller would undoubtedly be a terrifying experience.

  • And knowing that death would follow upon dropping down the other side would increase the tension felt by many.

  • Once at the top, the train would stop and allow anybody who wanted to get off the option to leave and descend back down to the surface safely.

  • Everybody remaining on the train would have to manually push a button committing to the ride.

  • And then the rest of the experience would begin.

  • The train would plummet over the side of the hill hurtling down at a speed of 360 km/h, close to its terminal velocity.

  • After the 500 meter initial drop, the track flattens out and begins the first of seven inversions in a row,

  • and this is the deadly part.

  • It would take 60 seconds for the train to go through all seven of these inversions and each inversion gradually gets a smaller and smaller

  • diameter in order to maintain 10 Gs of force to all the passengers during the entire 60-second experience.

  • To understand just how much of a force that really is, here's a little bit of further context:

  • If you're standing on the surface at sea level,

  • then you're currently experiencing about 1 G of force.

  • If you accelerate from 0 to 60 miles per hour in 2.4 seconds in a Bugatti Veyron, you'd experience 1.55 Gs.

  • If you were on a space shuttle during launch you'd experience 3Gs.

  • Driving a Formula One car around a sharp lateral turn would give you a taste of 6.5 Gs.

  • And even the astronauts aboard Apollo 11 during reentry with Earth's atmosphere only experienced a force of 7.19 Gs.

  • So here's what would happen to you

  • experiencing 10 Gs for 60 seconds flying through the inversions on this death coaster.

  • You would gradually begin experiencing worsening cases of cerebral hypoxia.

  • Meaning that your blood would rush to the lower parts of your body, and so your brain wouldn't be getting enough oxygen to survive.

  • The first thing that you would notice is your vision graying out, which would then gradually turn into tunnel vision.

  • From there, you would begin experiencing a blackout and,

  • ultimately you would eventually lose consciousness and die.

  • While it sounds extremely morbid, Julijonas Urbonas designed the Euthanasia Coaster for

  • exactly what its name implies.

  • Euthanasia, while undoubtedly a madman, he designed the coaster with the intent to give people with horrifically painful diseases or incurable conditions

  • the ability to end their lives with a painless and euphoric experience.

  • Some exceptionally robust people may even be able to survive the entire experience,

  • which would undoubtedly leave a lasting memory.

  • But either way, this is one ride that you'll probably never be able to experience.

  • The Euthanasia Coaster has always just been an art concept and a testament to the lengths of human imagination,

  • where it should probably remain.

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How This Roller Coaster Was Literally Designed to Kill You

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