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  • You know, it's interesting now because a lot of the the kids these days look back to you know, Dorian's era in your era, and they say that that your body's look better than the guys do nowadays.

  • And there's this interesting, you know, kind of a throwback to where they're like men.

  • Maybe these guys were the peak of the game, as opposed to nowadays.

  • What are your thoughts on that?

  • I know that, you know, as human styles always change, you know, you see music and hairstyles and fashion changes.

  • So it's natural that, like you said, the judging of bodybuilding would change.

  • But what do you think of the kids now?

  • Looking back to those areas, saying these guys were better looking than the current ones?

  • Well, you know something?

  • It takes a time.

  • It takes time to build a masterpiece.

  • The era in which Dorian and I got out language of training from Griffin that off off Arnold and Frank, Zane and Robbie Robertson form technique training principles.

  • Nothing was done overnight.

  • It took time.

  • I mean, I've seen pictures of during when he was, like, 15 years old.

  • Look how you know that amount of time that it was taken to develop his physique.

  • I mean, I was lifting weights when I was 11 years old.

  • Then by the time I was 16, I was competing in bodybuilding competition.

  • It takes time.

  • While I see now in this era, there's a lot of the athletes they trained extremely heavy, too heavy, and they training principles in which they are here to are not principles as relates to building quality.

  • You know, you see some of these training approaches now where God made train once every seventh day.

  • So what in the world is that?

  • And when you look at the physics on the stage, you see the results of that you don't see definition as much.

  • A muscle separation are Muslim maturity.

  • It takes time to get Muslim maturity.

  • One of my favorite guy named Albert Beckles and we talked earlier albums from Great Britain.

  • Listen, when I won the My second Mr Olympia and Belgium in 1985 Albert Waas, 56 at the time 36 years young.

  • He looked absolutely incredible, placing second to me.

  • He would have gotten me if I hadn't been in the tip top shape.

  • But even at the age of 31 when I had retired, I never reached the pinnacle off Muslim maturity and like Albert Becker because I was in and out of the game.

  • Well, albums.

  • Still competing when he was in the sixties and looking incredible, it takes time to build a masterpiece.

  • It takes the proper training principles and the train once every seven days or once every fifth day.

  • It's ridiculous.

  • Those are the training routines, Ah, powerlifters who need the extra time for heavy wait train.

  • And if you did more than that more than seven days within muscle groups, you can end with a lot of injuries, which is now taking place with a lot of athletes in our sport.

  • We're about with the three on off one or the straight six, which is a little bit like, as I said earlier, tends to over train the body a bit.

  • But of course, during all those era, that's what they did.

  • But at the same token, they didn't.

  • Train is heavy.

  • They trained more frequently, but not as heavy.

  • The 301 give you ability to sort of train a slightly heavy and still at the same time give the body that's recovery time.

  • So the lack of the proper routine, the lack of proper training principles is called the physics of today to be bigger but lack quality.

  • You see, a lot of guys look like mutants when during the course he was a mass mass monster.

  • And then, as you saw run deiced master Jay Cutler, you still didn't look like a mutant.

  • You know, things were still proportion of a larger, but he but during physique, still had the December tree and the balance to it.

  • See, that's what you don't see.

  • Now you'll see guys with little task.

  • Big thighs.

  • You see a guys with huge shoulders but then narrow with or highlights because the ability of the tools or the knowledge to develop a complete fizzy with everything where it's supposed to be lone last forecast are not there in the training principles that we're here to growing up totally different, which also also found.

  • That's why I created those I wrote this book here called Totally Awesome.

  • I published this book in 1986 1986.

  • I did it again in 1991 after my last Olympia and I recently did it again.

  • Um, last year.

  • Reason being is the lack of proper training information that's out there.

  • I talked about the three on off one while This while.

  • Is it better?

  • Why is it better than a straight seven?

  • I talked about the straight six and when you use it, and then when the back away I talked about a three day power circuit as to the benefits of it, after your body is going through, a competition has been traumatized.

  • Let's give it enough time to recover that then, and only then should have once every seven day routine be used, not as a regular part of your daily training.

  • So that's That's how a lot of these guys get so mixed up because they follow a lot of these so called gurus and cultures on the Internet who haven't won the creek water use A Are the creek water Uh, great Britain yet?

  • And they are here to these these these judges.

  • I mean these these coaches who don't know diddly squat.

You know, it's interesting now because a lot of the the kids these days look back to you know, Dorian's era in your era, and they say that that your body's look better than the guys do nowadays.

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BODYBUILDING THEN & NOW ?: How Bodybuilding Has Changed & Why It Takes Time To Build - Lee Haney

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