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  • Hey, I'm Aquafina and this is everything I eat in a day, first day, Anything I do when I wake up, I will kind of rub my eyes and then I'll do a start.

  • What I call a starfish.

  • Oh yeah, one of those.

  • It's usually a mixed bag with eating first thing in the morning.

  • If there was a bag of Raisinets, let's say from the night before, I'll sometimes be that person who, like before, even open my eyes like a hands going in there.

  • And it's shoveling in.

  • Or I could have, like an entire pot roast at like seven AM like I'm one of those people or I don't eat until 4 p.m. It's really either, or like I'm literally not hungry before PM or like I will eat an entire south of the border casserole an entire sitting.

  • I recently tried to reincorporate copy into my life, and when I was young in high school we go Teoh a diner, and my friends would feed me coffee with, like, 17 sugars in them, and they just laugh because it was just a lot of energy.

  • But then I'd have to go home on the subway like alone with that come down.

  • I'm not saying my body doesn't like it.

  • I don't like what it does to my body.

  • Feel like something is very intense.

  • I feel like I'm tripping.

  • And then sometimes you don't expect Tito have as much caffeine as coffee.

  • That's like, you know what you think So then you have, like, six glasses of PG tips, and then everything is purple.

  • My typical breakfast is something that is just really easy.

  • That doesn't need heat like Gatorade, some kind of chicken nugget.

  • Also avocado man, you don't got to do anything to it.

  • You don't even have you honestly, can just bite throwing avocado like an apple, which I've done not recommended but avocados, man, those air room temp goddesses after breakfast, you know, depending on if I'm working or not.

  • If I'm not working and I'm home, I like to just, like, honestly, stay in bed for a while.

  • I'll just go right back to bed.

  • And I have been doing this thing where, like if I get lunch, order some lunch, maybe, but once I put in the order, I'll start snacking, and so then I'll eat like a meal while I wait for the delivery.

  • That's what How I spend my afternoons, I get very angry.

  • Yeah, that's it's like a totally different person.

  • I'm very easy going.

  • Hey, what's how are you?

  • Oh, my God.

  • I'm so sorry about this.

  • You know the surgery on your legs.

  • But when I'm angry, it's like y'all need to leave.

  • You need to leave.

  • You thought I was nice, but really, I hate your bangs.

  • I think they look like, Oh, a typical lunch for me can be anywhere from a turkey sandwich.

  • Thio Catnip There A lot of people there like I ate a yogurt for lunch and it's like what you want a war?

  • Do you think you're awesome?

  • I'm not one of those people that it's like you eat spaghetti and meatballs at three AM Always spaghetti and meatballs at 9 a.m. Dude, my dinner So sometimes, like you know, lunch and breakfast.

  • Those could be a couple hard boiled eggs, hard boiled eggs.

  • What's wrong with that's ranch?

  • But dinner?

  • That's the meal where absolutely no yogurt, you know what I mean?

  • Like you can't have a yogurt for dinner.

  • My dinners, they're humongous.

  • That's like a Costco chicken, right, The entire chicken, right.

  • And then you put that with all kinds of Annie's Mac and cheese and all kinds of you know, all kinds of things for dinner except for yogurt.

  • When I was little, my grand parents owned a Chinese restaurant, and I was going to back and, you know, steal fortune cookies or whatnot.

  • But one time there was, like, this basin of pure MSG, and I put my hand in it and I put the whole thing.

  • Um, I ate the whole thing of MSG a whole handful and my tongue swelled up to the size of raising.

  • I'm still thirsty from that experience.

  • Oh, man, my favorite food city.

  • I mean, New York City, obviously, because New York City is like the city that kind of prepares you for the food cities.

  • So, like when you go to a food city, Yeah, I kind of had this back in New York.

  • You know, I always talk about this place because it's it's actually the best place ever.

  • It's called Taiwanese Gourmet.

  • It's in Queens and Elmhurst, and it's basically a Taiwanese diner, like it's open until all hours of the night, but they do everything from like stinky tofu like beef noodle soup.

  • It's so good.

  • Yeah, I gotta go.

  • It's so good.

  • Aside from that, I really enjoyed the food.

  • And when I went to call on Poor and Singapore, they had this dish called Hainan Chicken.

  • And there's another dish called Roti Chai and I, I like, am obsessed with Kael.

  • It was definitely a cool food city for me, My go to comfort meal.

  • My grandma makes this thing in a rice cooker that I've eaten since I was really little.

  • It's a Chinese sausage, and it kind of cooks with the rice and in flavor rates the rice.

  • But I also like like nineties kids things like zebra stripe gum or kid cuisine, or like dunk a ruse.

  • I always feel like I don't know.

  • Those things bring me comfort.

  • I don't know why I'm not within late night snacking.

  • Sometimes I'll brush my teeth and be like I want Candies.

  • I could say, Yeah, what I did the other night was I really wanted a cookie and didn't have any at the time.

  • So I had an Orio box with crumbs the bottom and I put all the crumbs in my hand and I kind of, like, just shaped it into a cookie and didn't work.

  • Yeah, and that's everything I eat a day.

  • Thank you so much for watching.

  • Appreciate.

  • Yeah.

Hey, I'm Aquafina and this is everything I eat in a day, first day, Anything I do when I wake up, I will kind of rub my eyes and then I'll do a start.

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