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  • since Week 13.

  • These two quarterbacks, both drafted in the same class, of course, have both been extraordinary.

  • They both have Cube ers over 90 double digit touchdown passes.

  • Allen's 15 touchdowns were actually tied with Aaron Rodgers for the most in the league over this stretch.

  • But we were having a great conversation this morning in our meeting, and I'd love to bring it here about the strategy.

  • I see.

  • I want you to hear this, Bart very quickly.

  • Run through how you would design the defense against Buffalo this weekend if you were calling it for Baltimore.

  • Listen, I'm coming up in the defense of me, and I'm saying, Listen, we just stopped the best running game in the business last week.

  • We can stop these guys with a light box.

  • What we're gonna do is we're gonna take away his favorite weapon in Stefon Diggs.

  • We're not gonna do it by putting Marlon Humphries on our best corner.

  • We're going to take him away by putting our second best corner who is pretty damn good as well in Peter's.

  • But guess what, Peters, We're not gonna have you out there being Delta O'Neill trying to jump everything we're gonna put a safety behind you.

  • We're gonna double this.

  • We're gonna put the we're gonna put the heavy lifting.

  • We're gonna put the heavy lifting on on Humphries, who is our best corner to take away their number two guy.

  • We should be able to raise him.

  • And guess what?

  • We've been waiting for you, Jimmy Smith, to try and earn your paycheck.

  • We want you to come over here with this kid with the week kneecap and dominate him and Beasley in the slot.

  • And guess what everybody else we're gonna handle this week run game and let's see if Josh Allen can be getting surgically dissect us.

  • And don't get too cute with all these exotic glitches.

  • Keep eyes on him and listen.

  • The Ravens are the craziest team to worry about because they blitz all the time where they don't have to.

  • They have to elite pass rushers that those guys work, earn their money.

  • Put that cheese on the taco.

  • What do you think, Brian Clark putting the cheese on the taco.

  • What do you think?

  • Our c I think it sounds good.

  • And also we've seen this from teams in the past.

  • Darrelle Revis when he was in New England, was employed many times on the number two wide receiver, and Devin McCourty would be the guy over the top off number one while the second corner was on him.

  • So we've seen this work before.

  • Another thing I would add to this is that Josh Allen struggles against Cover two, and I know the Ravens don't major in cover to, but when you have two ball savvy guys like Marlon Humphrey and Marcus Peters on the outside, give them those opportunities to see, give them those opportunities to bait, break top down on things and make Josh Allen earned those yards.

  • No, it's easier said than done, because if you're used to doing something good like the Baltimore Ravens is, which is man to man, which is blitzing a lot of times you want to impose your will on offenses.

  • Take your time, Mark Lincoln, Mark.

  • Sit there and say, You know what?

  • We're gonna play the way that beats you were gonna adjust toe what Josh Allen struggles with, And if Wink Martindale can do that, I believe the Baltimore Ravens have a great opportunity toe win this game and then nickel.

  • Let's go to the other side over the summer.

  • You are Lamar Jackson's biggest fan and supporter, and beginning of the season obviously didn't go so well.

  • But what has been the difference in these last six weeks where he's been so good, and can he do it again on Saturday night?

  • Look, I think it's just keeping it simple.

  • I mean, you have the best athlete in the NFL is your quarterback.

  • So let him let him do the things that he does best.

  • Let him run around, scramble for first downs, let him run for touchdowns and make highlights.

  • So I just think that you don't need a call.

  • You see all these offensive coordinators with the call sheet.

  • You know, that's twice the size of them, and they're going through all these calls, literally.

  • Just cut your call sheet down, have your best player is ready to go.

  • Let your quarterback go out there, have fun, fly around, play power football, where you can run the football and and kind of create that toughness and just run over the bills because I think the bill's gonna have a hard time stopping the run again.

  • The two quarterbacks in the same draft class.

  • And Baker Mayfield of that classes well, three of them on the field this weekend, all in the A F.

  • C.

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since Week 13.

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