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  • The Royal College of Surgeons says the record number of patients waiting for hospital treatment in England shows the calamitous impact of Cove in 19 on the NHS.

  • Almost 4.5 million people in England were on lists at the end of November before this latest locked down, many of them for routine operations like hip replacements.

  • But some cancer patients are also now having toe wait.

  • It comes as more than 1200 deaths were reported in the last 24 hours.

  • Here's our health editor, Hugh Pym.

  • The consequences of coronavirus are becoming clearer.

  • Queen Elizabeth Hospital in Birmingham temporary halted its kidney transplantation program because of the surgeon co vid patient numbers.

  • Other hospitals are also postponing non co vid work.

  • Paul and his wife, Diana, both living with cancer.

  • Her treatment is going well, but he needs specialist radiation therapy for a rare tumor in his chest.

  • Now I get out of going up the stairs.

  • He was set to have it last week, but was told because of co vid pressure at the hospital.

  • It had been canceled that was devastated.

  • I couldn't speak for 10 seconds when they saw me on the phone.

  • You know, it's not just devastating for May 6.

  • My family and friends I know you know what they've been reading me for the last 12 months.

  • You know, I've still got this human about it for at least 12 months.

  • It's frightening.

  • It's finding cancer.

  • Charities say that sort of cancelation isn't happening yet utmost hospitals, but they're worried it could do.

  • It was a huge effort me to restore cancer services, preplant to pre pandemic levels and massive eh that's gone into that.

  • But we all concerned now in this lock down that there's going to be increased pressure on services.

  • And we fear Mawr treatments will be canceled for routine hospital treatment such as hip and knee replacements.

  • In England in November, more than 192,000 were waiting to give a sense of scale.

  • That's about three times the capacity of London Stadium, home of West Ham on where the Olympics were staged.

  • By contrast in February, just before the pandemic, the figure was only about 1600.

  • That's below the capacity of non league Margate Football Club's stadium NHS.

  • England said that unlike the first wave, millions of people were being treated in hospitals for non co vid health problems.

  • Government sources said waiting lists were still a lot lower than some earlier predictions, but there's no doubting the co vid pressure on the front line, including here atyour hospital.

  • I'm worried that we're getting very close to the kind of scenarios that we're already seeing down in London, where hospitals have breached the capacity even for the surge capacity for covert.

  • The hope is that widespread vaccination will reduce patient numbers in hospitals, and from today, jabs are being delivered in some pharmacies in England, adding to GP hubs on other sites.

  • So how's the vaccine rollout in England?

  • Bean going well Up until last Sunday, around 46% of the 80 and over age group in the north eastern Yorkshire had had their first dose.

  • In the northwest, it was 38% in other regions, a little bit below that in London, it was closer to 30% on in the east of England.

  • It was a bit lower than that.

  • As a percentage of the whole population, Northern Ireland is ahead of the rest of the UK, with more than 5% having jabs whales has the lowest so far at about 3.5, but these are early days.

  • Keep him BBC News.

The Royal College of Surgeons says the record number of patients waiting for hospital treatment in England shows the calamitous impact of Cove in 19 on the NHS.

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NHS surgeons warn of “calamitous” delay in operations due to Covid - BBC News

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