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  • Let's talk about Arch Enemy you play.

  • This thing is my favorite character name a great character, but also great character Name?

  • Max Fist.

  • Yes, yes.

  • Take it easy.

  • This is a show primarily for Children.

  • So let's tone it down.

  • I didn't dip it in the vat of Crisco, so I was trying to keep it clean.

  • I was just giving you, uh this is an independent film, and there's intense action.

  • That's gonna be difficult.

  • I would think it adds to the adrenaline when you're shooting these action scenes, and it has to be that precise, and you've got to get it right, and there's no Oh, don't worry.

  • The computers will clean this up later on, you know?

  • Yeah, there's no computer to clean it up later on.

  • That's it.

  • I I have to get it practically, but I really love that kind of tight rope walking, and I actually enjoy it.

  • I like those states.

  • All right, let's take a look at this moment from Arch Enemy.

  • There's a fragment of the cosmic blood in this.

  • Just sent that again.

  • A log, but ascent.

  • A memory molecule.

  • Oh, uh oh.

  • I was given a dollar power to experience the universe for everyone.

  • All of the time lines all at once.

  • Oh, coursing through my mind so that I could save them all.

  • Are you saying that the cosmic blood methamphetamine Maybe I try harder because my blood allows me to go through what Ripple through the molecules.

  • Do you understand me Through the molecules?

  • Wait and we're back.

  • Okay, for people that don't know my character, Max Fist has delusions.

  • He he thinks he's from another dimension.

  • And in this dimension, he was something equivalent of like a Superman or the superhero.

  • But as you can see from the clip, hey, might just be having a psychotic episode from meth use.

  • He's a homeless man who is addicted to meth and alcohol and lives in a tent on as his delusions of being from a different dimension.

  • But yes, that is, uh, that's that's him having ah, psychotic episode or breakdown on his way to go on an attempted murder spree.

  • So I think there's a lot to unpack there.

  • I had a meth coach on set with me to show me how to do meth.

  • You could have just gone method and Ben on meth I could have.

  • Meth comes from method actors.

  • Meth actors are pretty much on meth, so, you know, it's basically the plot to Mary Poppins.

  • You know that zey remade it.

  • It's quite different than the one spoonful of sugar.

  • Uh, there's a double meeting there.

  • Yeah, exactly.

Let's talk about Arch Enemy you play.

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Joe Manganiello Had A Meth Coach For "Archenemy" - CONAN on TBS

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