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  • well.

  • A powerful earthquake in Indonesia has killed at least 35 people and injured hundreds more.

  • The quake struck at night on the island of Sulawesi, claiming lives and damaging many buildings in and around the capital district.

  • Now authorities fear more people could be buried in the rubble, and they're warning that strong aftershocks could also trigger a tsunami.

  • Trying.

  • Trapped under the rubble, this person tells rescue workers Sheikhoun barely hear the woman next to her breathing.

  • A powerful quake struck just after midnight, causing many to flee in the darkness.

  • In the morning, those left in the hardest hit city of Mahmoud, you woke up to scenes like thes.

  • This is what was left of the local hospital, where a rescue operation is now underway.

  • Back as you can see behind me from this hospital way have retrieved two dead victims.

  • We're still trying to find more victims in the rubble, but we don't know yet if they are still alive or not.

  • Some people have been recovered from the debris, but it's a vast operation.

  • As many as half the buildings in Mahmoudiya City have either collapsed or are partially damaged, and there are fears that strong aftershocks are still to come back in boxes.

  • Ilombe aftershocks are still happening according to our analysis from local data that we'd recorded a zwelling historical data.

  • We believe this still potential form or strong aftershocks.

  • Just like what happened at midnight.

  • Daniel Can Paso Salon?

  • Yeah.

  • Tokyo supported Dini.

  • Harry Daddy?

  • Yeah.

  • For now, many fearing that aftershocks are choosing to stay on high ground, wondering if they'll have homes to go back to from Jakarta.

  • I'm joined now by DW correspondent pre odd Arnie to approve A Thank you so much for joining us.

  • What is the latest right now?

  • Yes, sir, it is certainly, um, one of the most challenging time here in Indonesia because we're still in the middle off plan crash investigation.

  • And now we are facing a massive earthquake in the eastern part of Indonesia.

  • So what can I say to you right now?

  • Is the rescue team is still carry eating out.

  • The rest proper tend to find survived and who are trapped under the rubble.

  • And, um, there are two words effective locations in that area, which is Medina District and Mamadou District.

  • And in this to location, um, at least 34 people died because off this earthquake, So the rescue team has also faced a little bit off obstacles because there was also rain in there and the electricity is still out.

  • And the communication, um, seller is still also unstable.

  • So the rescue team is still, uh, do their job to really find the survivors as soon as possible.

  • Yeah, and we're looking at those images right now.

  • Like as you've mentioned that, you know, the rain that has been an issue.

  • A challenge for, um for for authorities as they try and move in there for for rescue workers.

  • Um, there's also the fear of aftershocks is well, given all of those factors, How are the rescue operations taking place?

  • Yes, sure.

  • The head off the meteorological and geophysics uh, agency here in Indonesia, in a news conference has told us that, um, after socks is still potentially happening, and it could lead to a tsunami.

  • So see urged the people to really stay away from areas that has a lot of buildings and structures that are easily collapsed and also to stay away from the coastal area to go to the higher ground, but still up until now.

  • The rescue operation is still do their job to really find victims and also survivors which are trapped under the rebels.

  • Because Assad being reported, um, dozens off houses are destroyed.

  • Even the office off the governor himself is also destroyed at this, um, massive quake.

  • Sarah, thank you so much.

  • Dws pre Giordani to a Pura Reporting from Jakarta on this earthquake in Indonesia.

  • We appreciate it.


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Deadly earthquake hits Indonesia's Sulawesi island | DW News

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