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  • Tampa and New Orleans.

  • You got the legends and the Buccaneers offense has been on an absolute role of light, averaging just over 35 points and close to 500 yards over their last five games.

  • However, against the Saints this year, it's been the opposite story.

  • As you see, New Orleans held them to just 26 points total in their two meetings in just over 250 yards a game.

  • So I can see this going one of two ways.

  • Dominique.

  • Those five games come since they had thereby.

  • So maybe they self scouted and figured some stuff out.

  • Or maybe we could look at the the competition that they've played, which has been less than outstanding, including in the playoff game last week and sort of downplay that.

  • What do you think the Buccaneers looking at offensively this weekend?

  • Yeah, I think the Bucks have, ah, Big Hill to climb offensively this weekend, like I lean more into the idea that they were playing against not great talent than they figured it all out all of a sudden.

  • Obviously, they have plenty of talented playmakers on that team.

  • Obviously, any weekend they could potentially blow up, but they haven't done it against the top tier opponent like the Saints.

  • And I don't see I haven't seen anything that suggested me.

  • That things are gonna change is really important.

  • I think for them to get out to a good start, that's what really killed them in their last game against the Saints is they were under it before the game started, and it allowed the Saints defensive line to kind of get after Tom Brady.

  • And I'm sure we all have heard ad nauseam.

  • That Tom Brady, um, has stunk has stuck under pressure, but the one matchup that I think that we need to focus on is Gronk versus Jenkins on defense.

  • Gronk is a guy that can get open quick.

  • But when they played against the Saints, Jenkins is pretty much bottled them up early in the game.

  • And then it's gotten out of hand.

  • So Gronk is gonna have to find a way to get open.

  • And I think Tom Brady is going to feel comfortable hitting him in those situations and that potentially can open up the rest of the offense.

  • I like that thought.

  • I also like the idea about them starting quickly because Rex in particular, has talked so much here about how effective they've been with play action.

  • Well, if they get way behind and they can't run the ball, you don't get any of that.

  • What do you think he was the last time these teams played each other?

  • It was 38 to 3.

  • New Orleans.

  • Why is this time gonna be different?

  • Well, listen, a couple of things.

  • Number one that was back in November November 8.

  • That's over two months ago.

  • This team is a lot different than it were than it was back then.

  • The offensive line has improved dramatically.

  • Brady has only been hit like 12 times, like been SAT 12 times since that.

  • Since that game, I mean, he's been, you know, just sitting back in the pocket, making things happen.

  • Antonio Brown is a different element, Um, in this office now, now that he's been more AC lamented.

  • So listen, I think Brady is playing with a lot more confidence, and I get you know, what you guys are talking about as far as you know, the the opponents.

  • But I just think that this this template offenses a different offense has a lot more confidence.

  • Then the last time they played no longer safe back in over two months ago, I'm inclined to agree with that.

  • It should be pointed out.

  • The five teams that we're talking about are the five games we're talking about.

  • Two of them were against Atlanta and Minnesota, Detroit and last week in the playoffs.

  • Washington, who has a good defense but finished very good under 500.

  • What do you think of this matchup that the Bucks and Brady got here?

  • I feel like the Saints take it as a point of pride to still be better than the Buccaneers.

  • Right?

  • They were.

  • They were geared up for those two games, uh, this year and then and they won them fairly easily.

  • It's their division, four years in a row.

  • They don't love the idea of the Buccaneers throwing something together on the fly and all of a sudden being better than they are.

  • And I think you know, fundamentally, they're bad matchup for Tampa because I think their offense is built to stress Tampa's defense more than a lot of the others you were just running through.

  • But to me, the the key is what, uh, Damien, What he was talking about, which is the past protection right against Washington.

  • A nasty defensive front and pass rush.

  • It held up right, and Gronkowski has been asked Thio help with the Pass Protection MAWR in recent weeks, which is maybe why his offensive numbers aren't the same.

  • So they've got that a little bit figured out.

  • So if they could do that, then I think they're in the game or than they were.

  • But I still think in the end, the States, when we talk about Aaron Rodgers, Drew recently, has won Super Bowl Beyond.

  • This could be his last game.

  • If they lose, he turns 42 on Friday.

  • Like this is, this could be it.

  • So I think there's a lot of motivation there in New Orleans even beyond.

  • Just this is the playoffs, for sure.

  • I think the overwhelming expectation is this will be Breezes last run.

  • Whether this, you know, if they lose here, we'll see what winds up happening.

  • So yes, legacy redefining for two different quarterbacks.

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Tampa and New Orleans.

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