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  • it says something about a trade if we can simultaneously have been talking about it, possibly happening for months and have it knocked everyone over when it comes through.

  • Durant Harden, Kyrie all on one team.

  • It's a dazzling collection of basketball talent.

  • Durant on his way to proving he's right back up there with LeBron as the best player in the N B A.

  • Harden, one of the game's greatest ever scores.

  • Who's finished Top five in M V P Voting six of the past seven years.

  • Kyrie is the league's best ball handler who can flat out perform magic around the hoop.

  • There are three of the most outrageously talented players in the league.

  • But there are also, of course, three of the MBA's most distinct personalities, making all of this potentially explosive in about 100 different directions, both good and bad.

  • So what does happen when three crazy kids moved into the one of those Brooklyn loss together to try to take on the world?

  • I'm glad you asked.

  • Yes.

  • In honor of this mega trade, the jump presents our latest show and then a show three's company, Brooklyn Edition.

  • And just like with Jack Janet and Chrissy Jack Perfect.

  • Plenty of hygiene.

  • Why do you got Kyrie space looking like that?

  • Everybody else smiling messages.

  • Why did they put him in Christie Spot?

  • So now, executive producer I mean, next general manager Sean Marks is optimistic.

  • Here he was this morning talking about the screaming neon elephant in the room team chemistry.

  • Look, I think whenever you're meshing personalities, I think we've got a wait and see how this all fits on the floor and so forth.

  • I think these guys have, um, giving us the right answers.

  • They they said, Hey, hey, they wanna play together.

  • They can see this fitting.

  • I think there are a time in their careers.

  • They understand that there's without a doubt gonna be some nights where one or two need to sacrifice for the other and so forth.

  • But I think they're all looking for that common gulf.

  • Marx added that Harden and Durant, already knowing and liking each other, should help speed the team building process here.

  • Perhaps, although has he was speaking, it was hard to not think about how that same scenario went so wrong between Harden and Russell Westbrook that Russ asked out after just one season.

  • As for the Kyrie angle, Marx denied that Kerry's current situation spurred the Nets to finally pull the trigger on this trade, insisting it was not a hedge to give Durant aim or reliable co star.

  • He also noted Kyrie is quote very excited to return to the team after his mysterious absence.

  • But honestly, none of that addresses what is going to be the rial issue going forward.

  • Is Kyrie going to be okay with essentially being the third option in Brooklyn behind two former MVPs?

  • We know part of why Kyrie asked out of Cleveland was because he didn't want to continue shaping either his game or his standing on the team around LeBron anymore.

  • We know there were issues coexisting with teammates in Boston.

  • We know that another recent big threes guys like Kevin Love, Chris Bash have had some trouble adjusting to that third role.

  • And these two guys well, there, at least notoriously, Melo.

  • At least Kyrie plays a different position.

  • He will have the ball in his hands more.

  • Maybe Ray Allen in Boston is a better comparison, although, of course we know how that team dynamic ended.

  • Also, clearly it is something to watch, as is how this team, how this Nets team looks on the defensive end.

  • With Jared Allen out the door, the Nets no longer have anyone who would call a defensive standout.

  • In fact, five of the Nets key rotation players had a negative defensive, real plus minus last season.

  • That's a lot.

  • Still, all Brooklyn really needs is a functional level of team defense, something K, D and Kyrie.

  • And yes, at times, yes, even James have shown to be capable of.

  • So if they want to play hard on that end, they can also.

  • Let's be honest, there's gonna be plenty of nights, at least in the regular season.

  • They won't have Thio in a year where there is no plan to hold an actual All Star Game.

  • Brooklyn should have plenty of that vibe nightly.

  • At their best, we could see a three ring circus of death defying feats of basketball brilliance.

  • Will it be enough to threaten the defending champion Lakers at the very top of the MBA Pyramid?

  • We'll have to see will be enough to cause an arms race in the East with the Bucks, Sixers Heat or Celtics now trying to pull off their own big trades.

  • We will see.

  • Will it be three's company or three's a crowd?

  • I don't know.

  • But after all these months of speculating about this trade, it's going to be a whole lot of fun watching it all play out.

  • I think they look good on that couch.

  • I think I'm just saying Thanks for watching ESPN on YouTube for live streaming sports and premium content subscribed to ESPN plus.

it says something about a trade if we can simultaneously have been talking about it, possibly happening for months and have it knocked everyone over when it comes through.

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