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  • we have 10 million Americans out of work on.

  • As you noted, we the economy lost jobs last month.

  • Um, as economic activity has been constrained and we've seen particularly, um, particular pain in certain sectors of the economy.

  • On certainly lower income workers, service workers, people of color have been disproportionately hit in this economy.

  • Uh, and so at this moment, the president elect feels that we need to move aggressively, um, on both rescue and recovery.

  • So I think what you're gonna hear from the president tomorrow night is the case for why we need action.

  • Uh, fast.

  • We need action to support his plan for beating back the pandemic for a national vaccinations effort protesting contact tracing and a plan to resource sufficiently our efforts so that we can get the majority of schools reopened.

  • But we also need to provide significantly more direct relief to families and businesses that are hurting right now.

  • Um, and this is not only the people who have lost their jobs, but also those two have seen their hours cut back or being put in situations where just going toe work requires putting their life on the line.

  • We need to provide additional short term support relief to those families, and we also have no time to lose to start the process of investing in the recovery on you've heard the president elect talk about is built back.

  • Better vision.

  • But that's really about the opportunity to recognize that this crisis has exposed structural weaknesses of inequality, of the way in which the climate crisis of exacerbating our economic challenges and that we have an opportunity and in fact, the responsibility to start making those recovery investments immediately.

we have 10 million Americans out of work on.

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Biden's economic plan to focus on immediate relief, says adviser

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