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  • if you haven't been paying attention.

  • 17 days ago, we decided to run for mayor of London and I want to give you an update on that.

  • We decided, after months and months of really thinking hard about what was important to us as, ah company what was important to me and thinking about our mission to really transform the world with these incredible ideas.

  • We looked at the political landscape in this country, and we just we couldn't sit by.

  • We couldn't sit idly by and watch the current crop of politicians with their vested interests and their careers and politics, run this city into the ground.

  • And so I made a decision, quite frankly, that I didn't want to make.

  • And that was that I was going to stand for the next mayor of London.

  • Not only that, but we were gonna win.

  • And so that is our plan.

  • The election is may 6th of next year.

  • On May 7th, we plan to move to City Hall and start making intelligent decisions for the nine million citizens in London.

  • And it's quite simple what we want to dio.

  • We've actually got quite a detailed set of policies that you could go find out on our website, but quite simply this.

  • We want to show real leadership and get London back toe work.

  • Next, we want to show and have a proportional response to the virus.

  • That means protect those that are vulnerable but allow everyone else to get back to their lives and work and create the great economy that we all used to provide for our families.

  • And the third thing is start making science based decisions science based decisions, which I haven't seen a science based decision in the last couple months.

  • In this country, everything seems to be completely without science, whether it comes to shutting down hospitality venues or gyms, etcetera, etcetera.

  • None of it is based on science.

  • And so those are the basic things that I'm going to do is your next mayor of London.

  • We are so excited, and we're excited by the response.

  • Last week when I was on real deal with you, we had just announced, and when I finished the show, we found out that the bookmakers here in London the one that place all the sports bets and all the political bets had put us out there as the next mayor of London, and they had said we had a I think 100 to 1 chance is what they said, and I thought that was kind of funny.

  • First of all, it was fascinating because we were in third place immediately, which makes us the highest ranking independent candidate in the history off the race for mayor of London.

  • So we've already proved to the world that we're serious and we're already a contender.

  • But over the course of the next 48 hours, it was fascinating for me to watch those odds go from 101 to 50 to 1 to 25 to one 2, 22 12 16 toe, 12 now in some bookies were 10 to 1 and we're about to take second place.

  • That is incredible.

  • And that's really a testament to all of you out there.

  • So I appreciate the support.

  • I appreciate you sharing these videos and sharing these messages.

  • I appreciate everybody coming to the site.

  • I appreciate the volunteers.

  • We've already had the donations we've already had, but just the support.

  • I was out yesterday in Spitalfields Market and people were coming up to me giving me hugs and shaking my hand and saying, Brian, we know you are going to change the city for the better.

  • You're the only person talking sense.

  • We've got to get this city back toe work.

  • So again, it's just been a complete honor.

  • It's been so humbling to get the support from all of you and we appreciate it.

  • And I want to just say to people that haven't got the message yet.

  • We are very serious about this race.

  • We plan on winning, and if you've watched me over the last nine years, you'll realize something about me, which is this.

  • I don't do half measures.

  • I don't If I'm gonna run an Ironman race, I'm gonna finish.

  • You know, if I'm gonna create a conversation with a guest, it's gonna look like this.

  • You know, if I'm gonna make a documentary film, it's gonna blow your mind.

  • And so if anyone knows anything about London, real or me, they know we're gonna win this race.

  • And the truth is is that there's no choice but us because the other two members that are going to try to run on the Labor Party and the conservative party.

  • They're both saying the same message, which is their fearmongering shutting down the economy, their career, politicians with vested interests that have never run a business, never been fiscally responsible and never held anyone accountable.

  • We need new ideas.

  • We need fresh blood.

  • We need new leadership.

  • I want to take London in a new direction.

  • And I wanna make this city world class once again.

  • And I know we can do it a matter of fact, I think we can lead the world when it comes to showing them how we can get back toe work, do it in a safe manner.

  • Um, get our young people motivated again.

  • And I'm so excited.

  • So thank you all for the support.

  • If you want to make some easy money and I don't condone betting, go into those bookies and, uh, you know, hit those bids because those odds air going all the way to 1 to 1, and probably even better pretty soon.

  • And honestly, uh, to the other two candidates running, I suggest you put some money on us is well, because you're gonna be out of a job soon, and you're gonna need a little something to just, you know, pay the bills for the next few months when you figure out your next move.

  • My, my, my wife Wild, my wife.

if you haven't been paying attention.

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I DON'T DO ½ MEASURES: Why I Am Fully Invested In Being Your Next Mayor Of London - Brian Rose

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