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  • alrighty.

  • So, back in the day when I was a high roller, when were you ever high rolling?

  • Well, you know, I told you I fed the city breakfast every morning.

  • Grits and eggs or something like that.

  • Well, anyway, back in the day, I took this chick to Iceland.

  • Iceland?

  • Is that where all the high rollers gold six hours from Kennedy and the nightclub scene is, you know, is intense.

  • And I thought I'd take this chick to Iceland.

  • What's her name?

  • Vodka.

  • She was Lithuanian.

  • She was an ass model.

  • She asked you what you heard of hand models, right?

  • Advertisement, Right.

  • She was an ass model.

  • She did jeans and magazines and shit.

  • Anyway, it was Fashion week in New York and, uh, took her toe.

  • Iceland Lavicka, Lithuanian ass model Iceland.

  • You took it to the ice so well for 500 bucks will take you on a dog sled riding the glacier dogs like Yeah, And you know the old saying, if you're not the lead dog, the view never changes, right?

  • Otherwise, you're always looking at the asshole of the dog in front of you.

  • That will be funny in a minute.

  • When I get to that part?

  • It's funny.

  • Now wait in the morning.

  • We haven't been to bed yet, and we're tooling across this glacier and I got this hangover that's creeping up back of my neck.

  • And guess what?

  • I'm looking at you.

  • Obviously, you're staring at Theus of the dog in front of you.

  • Got it.

  • So this dog, out of nowhere, just lifts its hind legs up and puts them in the harness.

  • Their It just takes a shit while he's running on his front paws.

  • So he's dumping and running all of the same time.

  • That's multi fucking tasking, If you ask me, get out of Did it hit?

  • You should always hit you, man.

  • I didn't know it at the time, but it was profound.

  • Profound.

  • Yeah, you lost me.

  • Well, you know, when I went to prison later on which you called, I had trouble going to the toilet, You know, a privacy thing and I couldn't take a shit.

  • I was scared shitless.

  • Literally.

  • So you know what I thought of you?

  • Thought of the dog.

  • That's right.

  • E thought if that dog could do what it needed to do, so could I save my fucking life.

  • Wow, That is profound God.

  • And you know it.

  • Z People adapt.

  • It's like it's like you and I are like, today.

  • We didn't know how today was gonna start wrong.

  • Wrong.

  • What?

  • I know exactly how it was gonna start.

  • Yeah, but do you know I was gonna end?

  • I'm tired of talking to you, Garber wait on me when the money comes in.

  • You got four minutes.

  • I don't know what he looks like, but he sounds good.

  • Fucking tough shit.

  • Fucking got a sexy voice.

  • Oh, man.


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