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  • you know, sometimes it feels like I'm the only one calling the government out on some of their policies and questioning some of their decisions.

  • So it was very refreshing yesterday to hear that Sir Graham Brady, who is the chairman of the backbenchers of MPs, the 1922 commission really questioning a lot of the prime minister's policies.

  • And he said that what we've seen with lock Down has been on authoritarians move.

  • He said it infantilized is the people by not allowing them to make their own judgments.

  • And he said, that quote locked down comes with its own costs.

  • And it's great for me to see a really senior member of the government calling out the obvious fax that I've been talking about for the past six months now.

  • And I always feel like, you know, the more we talk about these things the mawr, that you share these videos and put your comments in their MAWR that are common sense politicians, they're gonna actually listen to us.

  • And ah, lot of these backbenchers, these conservative MPs, uh, really question a lot of these prime ministers decisions, and he's actually foot flop 68 times throughout his term when it comes to one policy switching back to another policy, switching back to another policy.

  • And I think they are as frustrated with him as we are.

  • Onda thing that frustrates me even more is what is the mayor doing this whole time?

  • The mayor never has decisions of his own ideas of his own or directions of his own.

  • He's always reacting decision by the conservative prime minister and always criticizes him for what he does.

  • Doesn't come up with innovation, education solutions.

  • All he does is use fear is a tool and tries to get you just to do what he says.

  • Andi, while he's doing that, he's ruining the economy of London.

  • He's bankrupting our transport system, which I just took this morning, Um, these crushing our small businesses.

  • I talkto taxi drivers every night when I go home and they're they're barely hanging on on.

  • It's frustrating, but I see a little bit of a ray of light when I see Sir Graham Brady come out and talk about these things and say the same things that we've been saying way, know that we're speaking the truth way.

  • No, we're talking about a proportionate response to this virus way.

  • No, we're talking about science based decision making, Andrea leadership.

  • So I just wanna thank you for all the support that you've been given us over the past few months.

  • We know we're on the right track.

  • I am getting connected with so many people on so many high levels that want to see me continue talk about this message, we will continue.

  • We're taking this all the way to City Hall either on May 6 or if they try to postpone the elections.

  • That's okay too.

  • We're going to keep going.

  • We're going to keep going.

  • You could hold this Election's whenever you want.

  • We are still going to be your next mayor of London on.

  • We're gonna take the city in a new direction.

  • So I appreciate you leave your comments below.

  • Let's make it a great day.

you know, sometimes it feels like I'm the only one calling the government out on some of their policies and questioning some of their decisions.

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    林宜悉 posted on 2021/01/14
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