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  • Steven.

  • I'll start with you.

  • Do you think it's more important that Aaron Donald has a huge game rather than Jared golf in terms of them pulling this off?

  • No.

  • I actually think it's more important than Jared.

  • Golf has a huge game.

  • I mean, Aaron Donald's about to go against an Rogers.

  • I don't give a damn what shape he's in.

  • How, and I don't mean that in a disrespectful fashion.

  • I love Aaron.

  • Donald.

  • He's the monster.

  • He's the gold e.

  • He's one of the goat cheese grits.

  • Phenomenal.

  • What I'm saying is that you're going up against that bad man that examined Rogers.

  • He'll find a way to get around you, no matter how much havoc you call, whether they're calling running plays where they're calling, sweep them, calling them going to the opposite side of you.

  • Whatever the case may be, he'll find a way toe work around that maybe not in elite fashion, where he's dropping 40 on you.

  • But Aaron Rodgers is not going to just disappear.

  • The potential for Jared golf to disappear is there.

  • You just had surgery on that thumb.

  • I remember you had a couple of splinters in it.

  • If I remember correctly.

  • Clearly you could not throw the football that effectively against Seattle.

  • You had a couple of good throws, but you missed an awful lot, and we all know it was because of your thumb When you're throwing hand, we understand that because of the injury to Jared Golf and how potentially awful he could end up being going to Lambeau Field in that weather in Green Bay, Wisconsin, it can be incredibly excruciating for Jared golf.

  • Just a throw the football, let alone with any kind of accuracy whatsoever.

  • So in light of that reality and the potential for how awful he could end up being, no matter what the Rams defense does collectively, no matter what Aaron Donald does individually, it may amount to nothing.

  • Because you got a quarterback that simply cannot throw the football and your backup was already hospitalized after the last game.

  • I definitely think Jared golf is more important and more crucial in this game.

  • Well, some of the same analysis, but totally different conclusion because of a lot of what you just said.

  • Aaron Donald is more important.

  • It's not the Rams offense that's gonna win this game.

  • I mean, The fact is, golf came in for an injured Walford in the last game against Seattle and played well enough for them to win.

  • But it was very early in the game.

  • It's unclear whether or not they would have won anyway, even without golf.

  • When people look at this matchup, what is intriguing?

  • There's that word again.

  • Stephen A.

  • About it is.

  • How will Aaron Rodgers deal?

  • Not with how the how the Packers defense will deal with the Rams offense.

  • How will Aaron Rodgers deal with the Rams defense?

  • And where does the Rams defense really start?

  • You know, respect to Jalen Ramsey, who is a baller, right?

  • He can shut down by himself.

  • Number one receivers.

  • You almost feel sorry for the number one receiver.

  • So few corners in the history of the NFL could do that, but particularly in this day and age, but the best player on the defense's Aaron Donald, You have to pay so much attention to him on the line of scrimmage.

  • And, as you just said, Stephen A, it still doesn't matter, but you still have to direct Resource is his way, so other guys don't have to deal with this stuff that he's dealing with them and it makes them better.

  • Aaron dot like golf Whether golf just now like the question is, is he gonna play because of the thumb is less than three weeks ago?

  • The surgery, right?

  • Is he gonna play?

  • Or is a guy in Walford who got cut by the Jets, right?

  • Who had a job lined up outside of football before this year?

  • Or is that guy gonna play?

  • Clearly, the Rams are not pinning their hopes on the quarterback play for this team.

  • They're pinning their hopes on there.

  • Defense, and how Aaron Rodgers responds to the Rams defense will determine the game.

  • Aaron Donald is the most important player for Los Angeles.

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